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Working from home!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hello guys! officially on 3 months of lockdown over here and I know a lot of us are struggling with a lot of things. Ale is out of school since a few months ago, and home school haven't really been easy. so I know it’s just a weird time for all. a lot of you guys are working from home, some may not be used to. buy hey trying to keep things pretty normal (content-wise) here's some tips for working from home.

let's get dressed

bye bye Pj's I do think it’s good to least get out of your pj's (and totally ok.. if you don’t want to!). I find that at least changing into leggings or a cute lounge outfit helps me switch from home life to work life. I usually get the kids off to school and then change into something comfy but during this time I’m just changing right when I get up. I shared a bunch of budget-friendly loungewear in last weeks post .

Ditch the makeup- but keep up with your skincare

From comfy stay home clothes to 0 makeup during quarantine, my now routine has been all about washing my face and then applying a few skincare products in the morning.

this lockdown period, I’m wearing non makeup most of the days .. unless there's something going on . and honestly my skin feels pretty good about it. We’re getting back to basics over here but at least my skin will be on point during this time.  My two favorite products has been from summer Fridays This serum is the BEST! and I just started using this lip balm and i’m obsessed.

Create a schedule

I usually don't have an schedule and I used to work on the Ale school hours .. but since she's at home also. I had create her own I function best in when things are organized . and now that my whole family is home! that just keep me sane.

Have a designated area

If you don’t usually work from home, you might not have an office set up and that’s OK! Just find a spot in your home that is clean and quiet and set up shop. I’d recommend it being in a different room from the TV and somewhere you can actually focus – even if it’s in the corner of your bedroom! or other spaces and then make it comfortable! Consider getting a laptop stand

like this one.

Tip- try to opt for a chair if you can as the couch will hurt after a day or two…trust me! If you guys don’t have a desk or area you can put your computer on, a table or your counter kitchen top. (that will work also)

Something to listen to

I’m not a huge fan of watching TV while working other than in bed. because I get distracted pretty easy, so I’d recommend some sort of music instead. Spotify has a everything for all from “work playlists” to Chill Hits .. so you can find what helps you focus. I prefer to listen something instead of complete silence.

Take Breaks

This one is a necessity! Even before the heaviness of this outbreak, taking breaks was always a must for me! Some days I would be in front of my computer for hours and realize that I was starting to go nuts. Taking a step away, even if it’s only for 15 minutes is so helpful.  Take 30 minutes to go whip something up to eat and at least sit in the kitchen or use the time to call a friend or family member to connect in some way. Go for a walk or to hang with your kids for a little bit if they’re home. I find an afternoon workout sesh is a much needed release too. Whatever you choose just sneak in some sort of consistent breaks.

Sign in/ off

eye-roll ! guys because I don't do this. I’ most of the time grab my computer or phone in bed and finish up work. (sorry) but I know it’s a bad habit. If you’re working from home for the future, do yourself a favor and have a cut-off time. It’s easy to feel like you need to be working all day when at home but that’s No true! neither good for sanity and burnout.

Turn off - sometimes leaving your computer on your desk , or on the nightstand or even outside the room so you’re not tempted.

Use the apps

A few that I’ve used are Zoom videos great for meetings calls , to connect with your clients . (since you aren’t in person right now), Slack for work chat that isn’t a text message, and then Asana is a good project Mngt app if you need to help keep yourself organized while you’re home.

And that's all guys, I think those are a few of my tips. Would love to hear if you have any!

I’m going to link some of my favorite items here too in case they’re helpful and here’s to all of us trying to stay sane during this adjustment period.

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