• Stephanie Rodgers

Work on YOU for you.

Hi, guys where to star? .. a few months ago I published a picture on the social media talking about struggling with anxiety and that not always life it’s that butterflies and roses Everyone share on the IG.

finally I feel I can open up about these

I totally have been there, I had struggled with a lot of things but just like you will read later .. I understand that in life there’s ups and downs And it’s ok if you are now dealing with it.

Self-love is one of the most difficult practices we face believe it or not?- and when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves, or others it's one of the most important habits we can form. Whether it's your fun personality, creative mind, radiant energy, or unique beauty.

Every single one of us carries characteristics, ideas, and a mindset that is uncommon and the goal is to stay true to yourself, (and sometimes situations change us) gravitate towards those beautiful attributes, and boldly make them shine!

 I believe a lot of us struggle with our confidence and self-worth because we tend to place it in the hands of people and situations that are not worth of it.

like... Your career, relationship, followers, YES followers! the number on the scale or even your bank account. You know what? All the above are guaranteed to have ups and downs! It fucking sucks sometimes and then its amazing again. ¡But hey success comes with failure, the highs and lows are part of the life. It’s important to sets goals, and be proud of the accomplishments when they come.. I always say celebrate your achievements because no one else knows how hard you worked to get there!

-I started doing the IG just for fun, until with time it become more a sort of work but with that also started the stress of seeing the grow of it, and then the doubts .. do I really want to do these ? I am taking this much time to do these and the results are not what I expected... and just like infinity of question. wether my post had the most engagement or not .. that I totally loose the focus. on the first time why I started to do it and this is the part Where the anxiety approach and then it’s not only on work but gets into your relationships, your life.

and now you are not only doubting about work but life .. like what had you done with it and you started thinking about 26 years of your life what had you done?

Learning to cultivate the qualities and areas of your life that no one can’t take from you! Like .. integrity, passion, kindness, loyalty, love. Being proud of who you are as a person its the kind of impact on the world you want to share on your social media, work on the things you are not happy with yourself inside and out.

of course looking for help and talking with the right people it’s a must to put all those feelings in a balanced life.

love , Stephanie

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