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What to look forward this spring

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

This post its sponsored by RVCA

Hi Guys!

Good morning my loves!! I can’t believe we’re already almost 1 month  into the new year! I’m still at the stage where I hesitate when writing “2019”! haha These past few weeks have been so busy and somewhat hectic… recovering! I haven't been around much this month.. I'm sorry!

starting the year sick its not something I was looking forward.

Now it’s back to work mode! Feeling especially motivated this year.

how you a'll are doing?

Summer never ends in Miami, or that's what I thought.. Lol It's been a little chill here since December, and I'm not mad about it.. but what's going to the beach without a beautiful day of sunshine? #NOCOOL

let's talk about two things That had me thinking this new year but first I wanted to share with you this beautiful brand that reach out and honestly I am loving every piece from their collection.

RVC its a local brand in LA and they just send me some of their pieces to put it on my closet for this summer. how lovely! so check out the pics you can also shop on the links below.

Love, Stephy

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