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Does a Cell Phone’s Blue Light Hurt Your Skin?

Let’s be real….Everything but your skincare has been upgrade.. And while disconnecting isn’t my thing, protecting your skin should be the first and most important thing . bc #selfcare

So here's the scoop guys! .. Researchers have known for some time that blue light from the sun can harm skin and eyes, but--are you sitting down?. Blue light also emanates from most digital devices, including your smartphone and computer, where the damage is up close and personal.

Wait what.. doesn’t my SPF defend my skin against blue light?

Yes, probably as you I was wrong.

SPF is formulated to defend your skin against UV rays in the invisible light spectrum, but because artificial blue light is on the visible light spectrum, the ingredients in your sunscreen will have very little impact on exposure to your screens.

Not so fun fact: we spend over 1/2 our lives in front of screens

and sadly that endless screen time can impact more than just your battery life.

All digital screens (meaning your laptop, TV, tablet, phone, and screen on which you’re currently reading) emit something called blue light. It can cause damage similar to that of UVA/UVB rays, but since we check our phones over 150 % of times a day on average, blue light may actually be worse for your skin.

Blue light can penetrate all the way to our dermis, where our collagen and elastin live, while UVA and UVB rays impact the first and second layers of skin, blue light actually penetrates at a deeper level and reaches the third layer, increasing the risk of dullness, discoloration, fine lines, and generally looking as tired as you feel after sitting in front of the computer for hours soaking it in.

but don't worry I got you I recently partnered up with @Goodhabithskin Read on to find out what you can do to stop blue light damage to your skin.

all of their products are formulated with BLU5 technology, which hits the block and undo buttons on blue light and free radicals to reveal your healthiest, most radiant complexion

the BLU5 technology act as a filter that neutralizes the effects of blue light, served with a side of nourishing ingredients that your skin will love

What is does/ what are the benefits ?

*Neutralizes the effects of blue light, shielding skin from future damage

*Helps maintain a healthy glow by protecting skin from oxidative stress

*Improves texture and helps maintain a firm, supple appearance

*Creates youthful-looking skin, helping to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles

*Brightens skin tone, preventing and fading hyperpigmentation

Clean up well ..

keep it clean, right down to the fragrances used in the formulas, which they are free of alcohol, phthalates, animal-derived ingredients, petroleum, and synthetic scents, colors, diluents, solvents, and stabilizers.

creating each of the formulas with effective, nature-derived ingredients , with a side of thoroughly-vetted skin safe synthetics that were tested to ensure they are entirely safe, effective, and won’t irritate or disrupt your skin’s microbiome.

and don't take my word .. recently on Bazaar magazine Dr. Williams said

Blue light also compromises our beauty sleep by way of disrupting our natural circadian rhythm.

“If exposed to significant amounts of blue light at night for example, you may find it more difficult to fall asleep,”

(hands up who watched Netflix and scrolled trough their phone in bed last night) ..

It’s because, , blue light “affects the level of melatonin, our sleep hormone”.

well' now tell me how do you take care of your skin ?

hope you guys stay safe and healthy out there.

shop the collection here

#byebyebluelight #skindaily

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