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What are we Seeing this Fall Season.

How will we all be dressing these fall?

Hello guys! I'm happy to be a round here, I had so much to share with you, just around the corner was NYFW but I had another things and I could't attend to the fashion week.

but that doesn't mean we are not on trends here!

although the New York Fashion Week runways offered a strong indication that we'll be looking to the '80 and 90's. Many of the decade's biggest trends were present: Think statement-making, capital-L Looks like brightly colored animal prints and furs, metallics, colorful tights  and tracksuits. "The Matrix" look was also prominent, most commonly seen in long, leather coats. And color-wise, fuchsia and orange were everywhere!

Bold tiger and cheetah prints were the starts, often in bright colors. This trend is not for the faint of heart. haha

-Oversized was on point , eye catching colors and layered looks .

- The heartland a mix of american patchwork and crochet , sweeping dresses .

believe it or not ? ..

-Florals in every charming varietal from delicate florets to bold bouquets. artisanal in feel, the standouts, hand-painted or applique.

Can we have a season without floral's?

Speaking of groundbreaking, floral for spring are not. Floral for fall on the other hand... kinda?

-80's Bold shoulders and black leather are out in full force. Pair your glam power woman silhouette with a skinny jean to take the idea decidedly modern.

- Future Transparent plastic and iridescent holograms have a cinematic sci-fi feel. The future is sleek, silver, and not for the faint of heart.

-Long and lean

Clean, lean, and chic-white is the perfect palette cleanser for Fall. Think: Maxi in length and slim in silhouette. Looking to the details, the scarf-tied neck is the freshest approach to this minimal moment.

- Animal print whether in accessory choices or full outfits adorned in prints from head to toe. While the classic, natural colors are showing up printed on everything from stockings to coats.

The distinction with the animal prints for the upcoming fall is seen in the way they are placed together and in colors not natural to their patterns.

Leopard was the most popular of the animal prints on the runway. Tom Ford showed a sizzling leopard ensemble that featured the print in vibrant colors, accentuated by a black fur pieces.

like.. No one has ever seen a ruby red leopard for example or a bright yellow zebra right ? or rose gold just like these dress I'm wearing! haha

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