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Updated: May 22, 2020

Valentine's Day is about red roses, chocolates, candlelit dinners, and spoiling your loved ones with heartfelt gifts or in my case moments !! I prefer a nice dinner filled with roses or a night with wine and why not order some pizza? lol but the point is .. not always about the gits.

With the big day right around the corner, I'm sure many of you are feeling stumped for gifts. Let's be real, it's overwhelming enough planning a celebration I've curated a range of gift ideas, Makeup inspo and more.

from Jewel toned , rose gold eyeshadow to big bold red lips.

If you guys have been following me for while, I’m sure you know how much I love rose gold!! I find that rose gold compliments so many different makeup looks and flatters every skintone! made this super pretty shimmery rose gold liquid liner that I’m absolutely obsessed with! Usually for the summer months. One of my favorite things of Valentines day is the glam you can put into all your makeup.

Now onto lips! I love, pink , nude lipsticks all my my go-to in life! and I feel this is the time when you can use it the most to I’m usually not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks because no matter how creamy the formula is, there’s something I don’t like about how it feels on my lips. Another thing I When it comes to nude and mauve shades, I usually lean towards the soft mauve shades with more pink undertones rather than too brown.! and dont forget a little bit of a shimmer gloss to add some more volume and shine to the lip for a night out !

Hope this blog post gave you guys some inspo!

What are you gifting you love ones for the special day?! I’d love to know! 

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Love, Stephy

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