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Care free

Your feminine care products shouldn’t take you out of your comfort zone this summer

We all know that menstrual pads are for periods – but what about the panty liner? We chatted with some natracare users about how they use panty liners, how often they wear them for, and for what purpose!

Many women like to wear a liner everyday!

but why? Well, it’s common and natural to have some discharge during the day. It can make things a damp and uncomfortable, especially when working out. A panty liner is a great way to maintain a ‘fresh and clean’ feeling throughout the day. It’s good to change a liner every 3-5 hours.

The CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH liners are super absorbent to lock fluid away and are designed to deliver the ultimate freshness throughout your day, with a thinner, more absorbent liner that feels as soft as your panties. The fibers in ACTI-FRESH® liners’ cover are bonded together to give you a soft, cotton-like feel that moves with you. CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® liners have an 8-hour odor control system, so all you feel is freshness.

Super flexible and soft, Carefree does an amazing job at making a cover that feels just like your cotton panties. I wore this pantiliner for the whole day and barely noticed it! It flexed with my panties and bounced back to its shape every time. It really felt like I had a second layer of cotton to my panties. I feel fresh and clean when I wear these.


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