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Transition of the Makeup Bag.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

From summer to fall .. You don't need to buy a whole new makeup for this season

Hi guys!

It’s that time of year again! Summer is on its way out,even that is Miami .. and Fall is rolling in finally!- which means it's time to prep your makeup bag for the seasonal change. 

so here's a few tips you should have in mind ..

*Embrace lipstick and Eye shadows

Swap out your summer gloss for a statement lipstick!

The rich, highly pigmented colors make a bolder statement than your shimmery-summer glosses.

bring all those colors Nude, brown ,oranges , yellow and even go with reds such a burgundy and velvet tones into your makeup bag.

* Bolden Brows

As the weather changes and your hair gets darker, so should your brows. I suggests going a shade darker in if you want to achive a bold-browed fall look. 

* It's all about Bronzer

Maintain your warmth and add dimension to your bone structure with a Bronzer powder remenber its not about going dark but you can always play a litlle with it.

* Highlither

In summer we tend to use highlither just to give a glowy look but in fall you shouldn’t have to lose your natural glow in the winter.

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