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The importance of a vision board 2020

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

How to Execute a Vision Board


Hello guys, we are officially a days away for 2020 who's exciting ?!!

as a blogger, I’ve always paid very close attention to the way things look and feel. For my own creative ideas, I like to lay everything out and have a clear visual of what I’d like for the next year.

This is where vision board and mood board creation comes into the picture! Every month, I sit down and create a vision for any content I’d like to create for my social media /blog or any personal goals I’d like to set for myself. Vision boards can benefit anyone and we all have things we’d like to accomplish... If we see it, we can take action and achieve it.

Keep on reading for more tips on how I create my vision board.


Writing down a list of of everything you hope to accomplish in the next year is where you should start. If you can’t set out goals for the whole year, then aim for the next three to six months instead. Make sure your list focuses on specific areas of your life. If you’d mainly like to focus on health and career for example, then make sure your vision board revolves around those topics.


Do you love Pinterest? Do you still receive monthly magazine subscriptions? These are the sources you should turn to when finding inspiration for your board. Look for quotes, colors, people, products, and anything that captures your eye. Just be sure that in the end it all sticks to your specific vision.


For starters, you’ll need a board of any sort. Whether it’s a poster board, pin board, or framed board is entirely up to you and how you’d like to display it. Stock up on some tape, pins, and anything that will keep your finished board in place. You’ll need scissors to cut everything out and feel free to do so in whatever shapes you prefer.


Before you get to pasting or pinning any of your cutouts, lay it all out first. Play around with it and move things around a few times until you see a board that you really like. Remember, you’ll be seeing this every time you walk by wherever its displayed, so you have to love it.


Decide where you want to hang up your board, and make sure that you get a clear vision of it everyday. It’s been proven that we’re more motivated to go out and get things done when we can literally envision them. Whether it’s in your bedroom, office, or anywhere else, just make sure you’ll actually get to see it everyday. Now it’s time to get into action and accomplish your vision!

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