• Stephanie Rodgers

The impact of social media

Not that long ago I was planning a whole blog post based around social media, Instagram in particular.. but for some reasons I wasn't inspired enough to shared with you guys. Half way through writing it, I stop myself and just didn't finished the idea of it not because I didn't want to do it, but just because I didn't had the feeling of posting it.

I should probably start with my main issue with the social media platform and why I started to say something about it I have always loved making things as beautiful as I can, as possible, So naturally, but keeping in mind that's the reflection of what I want to show. But this day I had found myself into looking at YouTube videos or personal friends saying " I have to quite social media because I have low self esteem"I don't feel pretty, I don't have the last trends in clothes , or go to the coolest places, I don't know how to do make up, and it's affecting me". I feel envious I don't feel pretty".

There is nothing wrong with working social media this days at all, but I also wanted to share this because the beauty of the humans its to be different, every single person behind the feed it's different. Think about that if we all have the same things? It would be boring, Right?

It also came from an extreme curiosity, As much as I find some things beautiful, I am there to show myself, to follow things that I love, and enjoy as I meet someone that I have followed for years I don't want to know about what filter you use, I want to know how you live off what you do, what do you actually do day in and day out, and it normally turns out that person is way cooler than their already cool feed.

So when I decided to vlog on Snapchat/Instagram Stories there were some things I kept in mind. Don't Censor Yourself. I always will be 100% myself through all my socials media

Show what you think is not interesting. Trust me when I say that what you don't think is interesting, someone else will. I love the mundane so I always love people just talking about their dreams, or something that happened to them at some random places, or people that actually inspire me.

Show yourself when you really don't want to. This is a big one! You don't need to post every single day if you don't want to. That's all A lot of people I are struggling with this. don't show your face, don't upload a picture or a video if you don't feel like doing it! And trust me I 100 percent feel you. It is not fun to stress yourself for such a non important thing Firstly because the feel , the fun part about IG it's actually enjoy it.

Last point I would like to touch on is something I have noticed since being on Instagram that People feel the need to comment on my looks or someone's I think so many people censor themselves or don't show their personality because they fear that it isn't what the people want. This is a real shame! ​Because you are way cooler than your feed 💗 and it is time that real people are admired for being themselves and not just their beautiful imagery.

We all are here to explore , found, and inspire ourselfs and follow a big community that I'm sure all have dreams and goals. So don't think you're less if you don't have a nice instagram feed , social media exposure!

I would love to hear what you think in the comments

Love, Stephy

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