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The change start from you

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

(this Is not another post about fashion or style) but just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

hi guys!!! 🦋

I'm in a stage in my life where I feel honestly happy with myself , I mean genuinely because even if I don't have all I want in my future I work every day for it to make it happen.

Yes, you can take pics of you on social media and saying and "creating this world" of everything is good but in real life only you knows the true. and that just been in my head all this month when i was in bed and not doing the social media at all.. I had a lot of time to overthink everything.

I came across to this account since last year, to create conscience for enrolling the children in to school for a better education, and health services..It's so heart breaking to see this kids that doesn't have much and they are all happy. Last year one of my goals it was to be a volunteer in South Africa (Uganda) but with a kid it gets more complicated Than just going there so I had to be a little more realistic and instead I was also privileged enough to be introduced to an incredible organization called The little lite house foundation.

2 years ago I helped in this fundraiser with a few bloggers creating an event to raise money and helped a lot of girls and families who were in need. which provides education and health resources, that brought so much perspective and awareness to the community of bloggers in Miami.

one of my Goals this year its doing Volunteering more I really do enjoy giving back to the community and I feel like I'm very blessed to be in the position where I am and today we went to a children community center in Ft. Lauderdale.

My heart breaks for the kids and the moms who doesn't count and have a support system for their little ones. but I'm very happy I can make the difference for just one day and make them smile.

I’ll leave the link if you want to donate or help in any way to the little kids!

¡thank you!

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