• Stephanie Rodgers

The benefits of smiling

Happy Tuesday my loves! Is there anything more beautiful than seeing someone smiling? Although there are good and bad days, life always gives us reasons to smile. If at any time during these 24 hours you feel that you aren't doing it enough because you feel stressed, don't forget all the things that we should be grateful for and that smiling evokes that good energy you need. Keep reading to find some benefits of doing it, according to science.

Your smile reflects confidence

According to the University of Pittsburgh, we rely more on people who look cheerful. This is because they are considered warm, friendly and good. However, you have to know how to distinguish between a genuine smile and one that isn't.

Smiling reduces stress

In addition to being a practice that I can tell you that works, there are several investigations that say that after laughing, the blood pressure is leveled and the heart slows down. When you feel that the world is running out, try to smile. 

Smiling makes those around you happier

They say that when we smile, the world also smiles at us. To be a magnet for people with good vibes and have long-lasting relationships, seek to teach those good feelings.

Smile let you enjoy more

When life goes by we remember the good times with love and that is why it is basic to put all our hearts into everything we do. I believe that in life there are no mistakes and that everything that seemed bad at some point will later become a good lesson.

I will always try to remind you how amazing it is to see the positive side of things and when you do what you like the most, enjoy it and love life, people notice it.

I love you guys! I'll be writing soon..

I wish you the best week.

So let's smile more, pretty please!

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