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Swim week 18' in full

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hi, guys!

I know it's been a quite a few since I posted a blog but Miami was a chaos this past week-end and let me tell you that I was in heaven every show I went to, I really love it the statement pieces we are going to see this summer 18-19 .

I think the only thing I did't like it was that almost all the different shows was kind of the same time (talking about the hotels) not the tends, or Paraíso.

Okay so now that I have made it clear , let's keep going!

My favorite shows, well I have to say that I'm very impress I saw a lot of upcoming trends , and so much girl power! did you saw that Si swimsuit show ? Wow I really believe that today's era if the day of the change! so many beautiful moments at that show , and the best message for me was that women can do everything no matter the disabilities.

So let's give to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit a big (Applause) for that show.

including multiple plus-size models, a nursing mother, a model with a prosthetic leg and a diversity of beautiful women including latinas!

I wish I can do a post for every runway show but here are my favorites of the week!

I had so much fun, and also learned a few tips for ya!

Talking about my look #1

with a lot of love I leave this post of my first look for the Swim week, with every detail and down below you can shop the look, have the same look or put different looks with the same pieces, I always tell all of you guys to be carried away by imagination and creativity!

Monday Swimwear made its runway debut at Miami Swim Week and it was my favorite show! I just love to shop all the pieces they have on the website so seeing it at the runways!.. I was so excited

a lot of matching tie-tops and wide legs pants , linen tunics, chic sarongs, and flowing coverups were the highlight. .

(Rather than creating size-specific, temporary trends, Monday Swimwear has designed a range of essential swimwear that will provide the comfort and confidence needed for countless summers.

As strong advocates for body positivity.)

how many of you are agree with me?? Love it ! to shop all the looks check out https://mondayswimwear.com/

Thanks to #Hammocklife #paraiso2018 #Swimweekmiami

Love you guys

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