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Summer Travel Beauty Essentials

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Thinking about summer? I’m on a plane almost every other weekend , so I pretty much have my travel essentials ready to go! But depending on what kind of weather I am going to, these vary slightly based on temperatures especially when making my way to humid Days .. There’s nothing worse than feeling your makeup when it’s hot and humid out. Sure, we’d all love to have flawless skin and go makeup free all the time, but we all know that can’t always be the case. When it comes to wearing makeup in the summer, lightweight products are the way to go. Here are the products I swear by for the perfect amount of coverage, glow and color. and if you are packing for a summer vacay, miami , bahamas o any other beautiful sunny place consider taking my must-haves of the moment .


Always SPF going on vacation to work on your tan is great, but it is important to take care of your skin! SPF lotion hydrates, protects, and comforts the skin and I always use an oil-free formula. Currently obsessed with unseen from (supergoop) I wear this all year long, even at home guys on cloudy days. SPF also helps to prevent dark spots.



When it’s too hot out, I like to skip the foundation and go for a tinted moisturizer or tinted serum. The key is to find one that feels like you’re wearing nothing, but that gives you the coverage you’re looking for. If I said I’m obsessed with SPF haha I am loving and prefer BB creams over foundations when traveling because foundation seems to be too thick for warmer weather. It either melts off my face or clogs my pores, witch it’s a big ¡NO! so I prefer this lighter alternative for a light coverage and your skin feels more free . If you haven’t used a BB or CC cream before it is pretty much like a  moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen all in one! What a combo. been using Erborian and its pretty amazing! I will do a blog review about it later on this week.

I always love a kiss of color in the warm weather months. For everyday, I like a tinted lip balm because it gives you a little bit of color and doesn’t feel heavy. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment has been a longtime favorite of mine for effortless color and SPF protection!


My hair can get really frizzy sometimes so this, combined with hair oil helps to tame it. The sun and chlorine can also really dry out your hair, so be sure to take care of it just like you moisturize the rest of your body.

Other items you won’t want to forget are water proof mascara, deodorant, dry shampoo and a cream blush that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.

The dewy, glowy look is all the rage right now and I’m all for it. For a quick, natural looking highlight for everyday, I like a cream highlighter. The Beauty Luminizer from RMS has the prettiest glow and is made with clean, hydrating ingredients. Again, it’s also great because you can use your fingers to build up to your ideal glow.

a lip balm Never hurts.

Happy travels!

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