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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. (I know) but lately I been focus into other platforms that also require time. as much as I love this site 🤍 I have to evolve and learn new things.

it’s almost the end of summer .. I can’t believe it went by so fast. summer is the brightest season of the year, and even though FL has year-round sun, I always have to a little extra shopping to make sure I have all of the accessories I need for the season. Like sunscreen, sandals, and everything in between, I love stocking up on accessories that make my summer wardrobe feel a little brighter. if you know me enough, you must know I live in beautiful sunglasses.

but I only own 3 pairs believe it or not, so you will see all Around my feed with the same ones, but here the trick guys buying ship things won’t last forever, investing in a good quality brand would make your life easy.

as the summer ends I also wanted to share with you guys that my outfits is from primary!

I just love how you can find anything in the stores.. and in such a good price.

Below, it’s my favorite sunglasses to stock up on for the summer and all year round.

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