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Summer Essentials

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

What I love about summer's is that I can go to the beach, a total girl on-the-go. Between attending meetings, running errands around town, and spending time taking my little one out , I am always on the move! So when I pack my purse for the day, it is so important that I bring all the essentials to prep me no matter where the day takes me.

Here are the items I always have in my bag:

–       Sunglasses: Here in sunny Miami, you always need a chic pair of shades to shield your eyes from the bright sun!

–       Secret Freshies: Freshies are my go-to product on busy days. They’re cute mini deodorants that are super portable; perfect for when you need that extra touch up of freshness! I don’t like carrying around a huge over-stuffed tote, so I love that I can fit my Freshies in any purse. I got mine from Target.com! Click here to purchase yours.

–       Charger: I’m always on my phone, so almost every time I need a extra charge to make it through the day.

–       Hand lotion: Keep your hands extra soft by stashing a tube of lotion in your purse.

And speaking of purses, how beautiful is this straw hand bag!? I’ve been carrying it with me for those beach days with my girl everywhere lately.and because we love you guys I have a contest go to my Instagram to find out how to enter so you can win your own Secret Freshies!

comment below and tell me what you keep in your bags!! Good luck babes!

Thank you to Secret for sponsoring this post.

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