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Single? Valentines (for no-one but yourself).

Hello, guys! so many things had happened I know It's been a few weeks since I posted but my life it’s been a roller coaster! I moved out, changed Ale from school, so many new things. It's one of the best month coming up, just because it's Valentine’s Day and my Birthday, hip, hip hurray!! 🎈

looking for the perfect little sexy , delicate dress for that special night? I got you covered!

from flirty lace, lingerie options , and more this week post its all about love but no one but yourself .

girls, today's post it's exclusive for you! Dating can be stressful, but your date night beauty routine doesn't have to be part of it.

My dos and don'ts for looking and feeling your best on a big night out. (Date night, or V-day)

I love a nice body cleanser that exfoliates, and clean and smooths the skin, first of all Take all the nasty makeup for the day out, a hot bath and relax.

Also pre-date to do list? Choose an outfit that makes you feel your best, the sexiest, the classy woman you have inside. My go to date night look is a simple little black dress, I think my whole closet it's just black! 😂 it's just one of those colors that you can't go wrong on personally just makes me feel classy, sexy and confident.

For a little extra glow, I am obsessed with highlighter ultimately so play up your best features.I always apply an illuminator to my upper brows , nose and cheekbones, It give me the light for a subtle shimmering effect that's perfect for those romantic dinners🌹

As for the rest of my makeup, I prefer always a natural, makeup not makeup look. I don't usually wear a lot of makeup to any of my dates. I like to look good but don't pass the line remember less is more, I really love that phrase that says "there's magic in simplicity" don't you? There's no point the guy should see the real you the first Date. Also there are enough things to stress over on a first date like lipstick on your teeth shouldn't be one of them. Haha

Last one but most important give yourself time to relax girl, try to just unwind for 30 minutes between getting ready and going out, I love to put on some music, even singing the songs .. pour a glass of wine and let any pre-date jitters subside. OK now you're ready to enjoy the night and hopefully find the one, Let's find you a date. and by you I mean US, because I'm with you. Where the guys at!? 😉

-SPOIL YOURSELF All of this month! yes... spoil yourself. Wear cute pajamas to bed. Buy flowers for yourself. Book a massage randomly for no reason. Drink your favorite drink in a pretty mug. Take a hot bath. Light up scented candles around your home.

Go to happy hour on a week day. Wear pretty lingerie for no-one else but yourself.

... because there's so much power in being surrounded by people, things, experiences that make you feel GOOD. When you feel good, you look good.... and people pick up on that energy. Not only does it affect everyone around you, it starts to affect how you feel about yourself.

This is ... your life. It's OK to put yourself first, I think we all thinking that valentines's day its a special day only for the couples .. and let me tell you. You are wrong! do things for yourself for no other reason but to feel good, to love yourself, to feel confidence a little more..

can you guess who's my valentines this year? haha ..

At the end of the day, we all struggle with our insecurities and our own internal battles. We're all a work in progress and that's OK. But I can promise you this: the more you accept yourself, flaws and all, and let that inner confidence shine through... the more beautiful you'll be. :)

a few recommendations pretty happy with REVOLVE great option to check out if you guys are looking for that special dress

another favorite of mine if you are looking for cheap options FOREVER21

and last one and I have to say I been really a fan of PLT


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