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Set Your Intentions For The New Year. 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Can't believe 2020 is almost over .. its been a year of self reflection , a year of living in a pandemic and a year of understanding and listening our world.

If you’ve been followed me for a time now, you’ve probably seen how consistent this topic is in my life. Each year towards the end of December, I start working on my vision board for the upcoming year. It is so gratifying to look at the past and see what I was able to accomplish, what I am still working towards or how my goals have changed.

I wrote in the past years about it .. all about goal planning and how I make my vision board — I just hope this will inspire you.

To Set Your Intentions For The New Year.

I’ve created two ways that you can use while you think through your 2021 goals and create your vision board.


Goal Worksheet

For the goal setting sheet, write your end goal at the top of the sheet then write the steps backwards it takes to get there. This will help so that the big goal doesn’t seem so overwhelming and you can start to work towards your goal in little steps.

Vision Board Planner

The vision board is something you will create, personally but I share this ideas in the last years on how I like to write a list of things I'd like to achieve or items I will like to have in the upcoming year.

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