• Stephanie Rodgers

Self-Care ✨

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

live for the weekends! (Yeah .. A glass of wine on a Friday night with friends, party out on a Saturday or stay home to Netflix ). But when Sunday's comes that means I need to pull myself together , so I set the tone for a happy week!

That’s why I prioritize my self-care day — because it kickstarts productivity and allows me to hit the reset button

Ever since becoming a mama, I have learned that “scheduling” self-care never actually happens. Something always seems to comes up! So instead, I make an effort to make self-care a part of my day, rather than having it on an exact schedule. Even a few minutes of solo time outside or at the bathroom while Ale is playing.. or God knows what! Haha

here are a handful of ways I try to set in (self-care day) , that make sense for me and Our routine. Try a few of them and let me know if it helps you have a better week. What do you do to self-care?

Work Out | If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good workout. It’s honestly my sanity-saver! I only need about 20 minutes to get a workout in, and it makes me feel physically and mentally better.

Organize Your Life | OMG, will my life ever really be organized?? LOL. But, what I mean here is to organize the little things — because it makes a BIG difference in how I approach the new week. I clean out my purse, wash my sheets, It all feels a little mundane, but since I started to get in the habit of this, I feel more calm on Monday. Try it!

Write Your Monday To Do List | I love a good list more than anyone! It makes me feel excited for the new week, and for everything I want to tackle. I separate my list in three categories — work obligations, personal tasks (things like appointments, errands, etc), and self goals (things like workouts, writing, a mama-baby date, etc). This helps me set priorities for the week, and reflect on my progress mid-week. I’ve also started to set specific windows for things — like responding to emails, and doing phone-free time while having solo time with Ale.

Plan Something Fun | I always love to schedule something fun for the weekend! Typically,my Mom takes Ale while I'm traveling or not in town but when I am I like to take her to do fun things .. like going for lunch with friends, going to the games , Shopping because #momlife.

Self Care + Beauty! | There is a reason the #selfcaresunday hashtag exists! Pour yourself a glass of whatever you like and have a soak in the tub. Obviously I love to put on a face mask recently I been using ( Summer Fridays), and listen to some music.

- Shut off the world (if its only for 30 minutes!) and indulge in some YOU time. This always helps me feel more ready for Monday.

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