• Stephanie Rodgers


Updated: May 22, 2020

Why I Get Regular Facials?

I talk about skincare a lot, and a big part of my own skin maintenance involves getting facials, I did not believe in this since only last year that I started to put more attention to my skin ., and guys you will notice the difference!

I enjoy getting regular facials for a variety of reasons, but the visible results definitely top the list. If you’ve been on the fence about getting your first facial, or have only tried them a few times, I’m sharing why you should consider getting them more regularly—monthly if possible.


My favorite thing about facials is that they’re designed to target your own specific skin concerns, with Julia Once I explain to her my concerns and what’s really going on with my skin, they’ll perform the best facial treatment to target those concerns! This can be anything from using specific products to extractions and enhancements.

“I honestly used to wear so much makeup before it’s crazy.

I love makeup but since I only wear sunscreen and only use a little makeup when I am going out or some other occasions my skin it’s been so much better! And i’m not JK guys !

I think getting to know your body , your skin , it makes a difference in your life”.


With that being said, your skin is left feeling rejuvenated because of your treatment. Facials have the ability to reach deeper layers of our skin and do more than what products can do on their own. For starters, the deep cleansing is so beneficial to your skin and draws impurities out of your pores a lot more efficiently. Facials also incorporate other steps such as peels for exfoliation, double-masking for extra hydration, and extractions for acne-prone skin. Others have anti-aging benefits and help firm and plump the skin to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In any case, the final result is clean, refreshed, and radiant skin.


It’s totally normal to feel a little lost with your skincare. If things aren’t working or if you feel like you need to swap products, ask your facialist for their expert opinion. They can help guide you on what to do after your facial and how to maintain skin that’s in a healthy state. What we might think is best for our skin can be entirely different from what a professional believes. Trust them, they know best!


More obvious reasons for getting facials is that they’re relaxing and pampering experience. It’s a great way to take some to yourself and do something great for your skin. I’m always able to really unwind when I’m getting a facial and finally pencil in some me time with Ale around.

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