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Real talk: Bullying it’s not a joke

Hi, guys! I wanted to bring up this today because its a real problem and I feel nobody really understand how dangerous it can be.during the week I saw around all social media ,TV news, news paper, online , Instagram and Facebook. About a case of a 12 years old who decided to kill herself because she didn't feel pretty enough, because she was "fat" its so sad to see, hear how bulling its killing the kids. I think one of the things that really makes me worry, and terrorize me its knowing that my child will go through that some day.. this is why its so important for us parents to talk about this themes with our kids now days. Telling their worth, how important they are not matter how they look , if they are fat or skinny , if they are black or white.just tell them how beautiful they are and not let the ( bully) get into their head. listening stupid superficial things to affect how they feel about themselves, teach them how to grow with confidence and that it doesn't matter how many times you fall, you'll always stand up and do it again, to don't ever give up and be reminded how strong girl or (boy) they are. My heart its just broken knowing we are the ones who are killing our kids, because respect start from the house.Cristina didn't deserve that, neither YOU , or ANY kids. What can we do?

Observe your child's attitude to detect signs of bullying: kids are not always likely to say they are being bullied! Signs that a child is being harassed include: torn clothing, fear of going to school, decreased appetite, nightmares, crying or depression and general anxiety. If you discover that your child is subject to harassment, do not resort to phrases like "do not listen to him" or "endure without complaining." On the contrary, hold open conversations in which you can find out what is happening at school in order to take appropriate measures to rectify that situation. But this is the most important thing: let your son or daughter know that he is willing to help you and not try to counterattack the stalker.

Teach your child to face harassment: While no administrative action can be taken, teach your child to deal with bullying without exposing himself or herself to being physically abused or defeated in a fight. Practice at home so your child learns to ignore the harasser and / or create strong strategies to handle the situation. Help your child identify teachers and friends who may be able to help him / her in case of being a victim of bullying.

Detecting self-esteem problems: Often, children with self-esteem problems harass others to feel good about themselves. Even children who enjoy a certain popularity and acceptance may have cruel tendencies. Parents should avoid and punish the cruel behavior of their children.

Set limits on technology guys! Stay informed, both you and your children, there's cyber bullying, and instruct your children's that they should not respond to threatening messages, nor send them back. Become a "friend" of your son or daughter on Facebook or Myspace, and activate the appropriate filters on your computer. Also, try to make the family computer the only one used by your children, and place it in a place in the house where it is visible and can be supervised. If you decide to give your child a cell phone, analyze carefully before allowing him to use the camera option. Also, let them know that you are going to monitor their text messages. As a parent, you can insist that phones be kept in an area where everyone has access (such as the kitchen) at a certain time of night, to prevent nighttime harassment and inappropriate messages. Parents should report the bullying case at the school, and follow up with a letter with a copy to the Superintendent of Schools if their initial inquiry does not receive a response.

Parents you should report threatening messages to the police and keep relevant evidence of text messages, email, or comments posted on the websites!.

What are we doing to stop this guys?.. Stop bulling , stop killing our kids! More about cristina case: https://www.nuevamujer.com/estilo-vida/2018/05/30/nina-de-12-anos-se-suicida-por-el-bullying-que-le-hacian-por-su-peso.html if you wan to know more about bullying go to Stopbullying.gov/ Please take a look at this video. Love, Stephy

Students who are victims of bullying may feel overwhelmed, depressed or anxious. If your child is confronted with problems at school or with friends as a result of bullying, a mental health professional, such as a psychologist, can help you build resilience and self-confidence. This will allow him to be more successful both socially and academically.

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