• Stephanie Rodgers

Putting together my broken pieces

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! sorry this is later than I usually post.

This past weeks, it's been one of the hardest of my life, so many things changes when you less expected..

I been a little distant of the social media, I was in tears and my heart was a little sad and it's all of this memories back ,that inspire me to wrote this post today.

Thank you , reading all your comments makes me feel a little better 🌹

I had what you can call a perfect life , far away from what's really one. I used to have this life I thought I had found the love of my life, and I had the perfect job that anyone would be happy with, but it's was all a lie.

Now after months I am seeing myself again, I have become hopeful to the idea of putting my broken pieces together.

life has teaching me that every person came to your life because they have a purpose in it, has brought me in different places, seeing new faces that I never thought I was going to see and teaching me that you should live the present and not thinking so much about the future.

Giving away your heart it's not easy. Going back to trust, and dating at the same point , I'm in that stage were I had finally move on into better things.

My heart knows he's ready , he's been healing for a while.

I used to live a life that wasn't making me happy , I was slowly getting corrupted by a lifestyle that others wouldn't be to proud of. I ruined my smile crying over things,that I wasn't supposed to be mine, I was getting filled with negativity the luxury of losing sight of my future. I was empty, I was hardening, from the inside of my heart, out.

I had felt that everyone in that world wanted a piece of me, I had suffered a plight, that it wasn't mine. But I didn’t think I deserved better than that for a long time.

I was so hurt inside not only from my actual relationship but from the past relations.

I finally understood that I gave so much energy into that lifestyle , work (called whatever ) That I loss the people slow.. that I may or not hurt them but they really hurt my heart. wow!

Now looking back I see how heartbreaking those days were, I don’t think you’re ever the same after breakups guys.

It's crazy to me how my life quickly has changed, and God led me down a path that I didn’t think I was good enough before, a became a better version of myself, and I started my blog because it was a therapy for me to write and it didn't matter if other people was going to read it or not, but I was talking with someone.

Now I'm resilient, open with a grateful heart, I used to think of what if ?..

Even when people try to destroy you and hurt you, taking your soul away, today I'm doing just fine on my own, and I'm grateful because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't found the lefts parts of my broken pieces that I had to learn how to put it back together.

The light and love that I have on my life today, it just feels like it had to happen so I could pickup piece by piece and put it where it was right.

I'm sure we all been there guys, Just stay hopeful and don’t allow your own rotten thoughts get in the way of what you deserve and want in life, and know it's okay. Feel everything you have to feel in every way you have to feel it, I can't tell you how many days and night I was down and now look at me I'm here happy enjoying life and hoping for a bright future.

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