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NYFW Survival Guide

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Phone Charger(s)

As you could imagine, fashion week is a time for me to create a ton of content so my phone needs to have as much juice as possible. I always have several phone chargers on me, including portable ones. I keep my phone charged at the shows, events, and while I’m on the go so that I can capture every moment and stay in touch with the right people. It’s so important to post in real time during fashion week!


There’s a lot of walking involved and sometimes I have to do it in heels. Even when I’m not walking, I’m standing around and mingling at events for hours and it can get super painful. To avoid blisters and cuts, and to just stay on the safe side, I keep Band-Aids on me at all times as well in my bag. It’s a quick fix if I ever feel like my shoes are getting too uncomfortable or if I do end up getting a small cut or what not.


The best of the best! I need these both to stay energized and to help me fall asleep. I’m likely jet lagged by the time I get to NYC, and I’m all over the place once I’m there. My schedule for fashion week is always super hectic between shooting content, attending shows and events, and taking meetings. At the end of the day I need to be alert, but I need to be mindful and get my rest. The Olly Swift Energy and Olly Sleep gummies are super helpful in both scenarios.

Slip Silk Eye Mask

This is one of my favorite things to travel with in general. Whether I’m on a flight or in my hotel room, you can count on me to use this silk eye mask. It helps me catch some better sleep when I’m not in the comfort of my own bed, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s super luxe.

Face mask

It’s no given that I travel with my Jet Lag Mask, especially during a busy time like New York fashion week. Between the traveling and switching in and out of makeup throughout the week, I must keep my skin hydrated. This is always my quick fix for ensuring that my skin stays healthy and moisturized at all times.

Tote Bag

Sometimes I need to carry a lot of things with me throughout the day so I just bring a tote bag to be safe. I might need my laptop, an extra pair of shoes, or my makeup with me for a long dayyou never know. I just like to have everything in one place to make it easy.


Fashion week is all about the memories you make along the way! We capture some really great behind-the-scenes content while we’re at it too and I like to have disposable cameras for those moments. I like to develop and save physical photos and keep them in albums because it’s a little nostalgic, but also a lot more candid than Instagram and photoshoots.

Sneakers or Flats

As I mentioned before, New York does involve a lot of walking and sometimes I just have to throw on some flat or sneakers. I keep a pair with me so that my feet don’t suffer throughout the day and I can get around easily. I always pick a pair of flats that are versatile and weather-friendly, so something close-toed and sleek.

Travel Containers

These always make my life (and probably everyone’s!) so much easier. I just throw in my favorite products into these travel-sized containers so that I’m not buying new ones. I don’t really use that much hotel toiletries, so this works best for me and I can re-use the bottles when I’m done.

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