• Stephanie Rodgers

The Caribbean beaches

Welcome to Santa Marta!

Hello guys, I am so, so excited to be heading to my hometown , Colombia in a few weeks with my daughter. I’ve been prepping the whole month and wanted to share with you guys some of my must-have/travel essentials to the warm city.

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate it when my lips feel dry- ESPECIALLY on the airplane.

Glow Pads for Face & Body – These glow pads are serious lifesavers. I am NOT kidding you. I love (and appreciate) that you guys think my natural “glow” comes from living in Miami , but I owe it all to these glow pads, haha! It’s my best kept secret.

See you soon Colombia, Can’t wait to show you! None of these products were sponsored, and I would only share products with you that I seriously use and love. ❤️ My trip to Colombia is in a few weeks and can’t wait to share with you guys on my IG .

What are some of your favorite products? Have you tried any of the ones I use?! Let me know!!

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