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New Years Resolutions

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hello guys! what a better way to end the year that with a post talking about fashion.

it's party season and all you can see its glitter and sequin everywhere ..


“The slip is a classic, something you can style for any environment. You can wear it with boots, you can wear a T-shirt or turtleneck underneath it, or a sweater above it – it’s a piece that every girl should have in their wardrobe. I prefer my slip dresses with really thin straps and to show a bit of ankle as it gives shape to your figure. I really like a deep-V, too; it’s sexy and complements a woman’s body. For evening, I’d wear a slip with ankle boots or a pair of really high heels – a ’90s-style sandal is very now and it extends the leg, which is great when you’re not that tall. And if it’s really cold, I’d wear a long, fuzzy coat over the top.”


“I think a blazer is really cool. I look for one with a slim waist and wide shoulders so it has a feminine and masculine mix in the most flattering way possible. If it’s cut long enough you can wear it as a dress with nothing underneath, but I like to layer it over leggings or cycling shorts too. I have a lot of blazers and I would wear any of them when going out: one night, it could be one with embellishments or something metallic; another night, a plain checked blazer or an all-black one. There are no rules, it’s just what you prefer.”


“Right now, the ’80s are coming back because we need more party in our life! We have to get out and have fun, and enjoy and embrace that we can dress up. For me, a mini dress is the best part of an outfit when going out because you can show your legs. You can show whatever you’re proud of – with a deep V-neck or a short hem or a low back – just don’t show everything at once. I often go bare-legged because wearing tights with high heels can be difficult, but I love this polka-dot pair; they make the look fun but still sexy.”


“I can’t resist anything with sparkles or sequins, and I love the idea of wearing them with jeans. They’re effortless but also chic; the perfect mix of something crazy and something really basic. If I were a different girl, I would definitely go for sequined shoes instead of a sequined top. It’s a surprising element: you can be classic on the top and then have amazing shoes and it looks great. But if I’m going out, I want to have fun and dress up – I’m going to wear a pair of crazy statement shoes and a sequined top.”


“I love to party and I really love to dress up. I think it’s because my style is so relaxed every day and because, as a mum, nights out don’t happen often, but when I go out I want to put on some heels and really embrace it. Animal print is such a timeless trend; we see it again and again because there’s a bit of sexiness in it and it’s not necessarily colorful but the pattern is still exciting. My own wardrobe is usually full of leopard print, but right now I also love zebra: because it’s black and white it can really carry colorful accessories, whether it’s a crazy rainbow pouch or jewel-colored heels.”

A few years ago I shared these printables that really helped me write down my goals for the New Year. with you in hopes of helping you visualize and think about the things you not only hope to achieve, but how you plan on doing them and the steps it takes you to get there.

Thank you so much for your support in 2018, I can’t wait to see where 2019 takes us and am so grateful to share my life with you.

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