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Now that the weather’s heating up, in Miami I’m not interested in packing on a ton of makeup. If you’re trying to do less with your makeup, you’ll want to focus on your skin the most. Starting with a clean, hydrated base is key, followed by lightweight color products...

Keep on reading for more on how to achieve one of my favorite looks.

much as this pic but I love a natural makeup look just as much. When I’m going for a low-maintenance beauty look, like now named “no makeup” makeup, I’ve discovered which products work best for me to achieve an easy, glowy look .

Start With Your Skin

I always start by prepping my skin and ensuring that it’s really hydrated before applying any makeup. I like to use the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask as a primer to help me get that dewy finish. You can also apply your favorite moisturizer and mix it with a face oil to add some extra glow to your face.

-Step 2

Conceal & Blend

I then apply a cream concealer, but not an excessive amount, since I’m not a fan of it! If I was doing a full face of makeup I would think of apply more concealer, but think of this as more of a spot-correcting technique. Apply a small amount underneath the eyes and anywhere else you’d like light coverage. Of course, don’t forget to blend it out!

Step 3

Flush Your Cheeks

When I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, I still like to add some cream blush for a natural flush to my cheeks. The natural rosy finish helps my face look more awake, and the pink hues are very flattering. The soft color looks just like my own skin once blended out, and I love the overall radiance it adds to my face.

Step 4

Add A Subtle Bronze

A little bit of bronzer doesn’t hurt in this case either. Forget the contouring and sculpting, and focus on just adding a glow factor to your skin. A soft, natural bronzing powder will help your skin look healthy, fresh, and radiant.

Step 5

Finishing Touches

For some final touches, I like to make sure that my brows are groomed and I also apply mascara. Wearing mascara, in general, helps open up my eyes and make me look more alert, and I never really leave the house without applying some eyebrow gel. If I still want to wear a lip color, I go for a classic nude lip liner and lipstick combination. To stay in the glowing theme, I’ll top it off with a face mist

And then I’m good to go!

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