• Stephanie Rodgers

Miami Fashion Week 18

Updated: May 30, 2019

Hey guys! I'm so happy It's finally the weekend and most important fashion week!

I was waiting for so long for this month. I saw the previous collections and ..

OMG guys! the days have arrive and and with that said , every time that I go to events and see that colombia its a big part of it. (Part of the fashion industry) and inspiration to a lot of designers and bloggers in Miami I feel so proud.

What do we see on this Sping .summer upcoming trends

A lot of metalic was a important part of the runway, not ony in the garments but also on the makeup.

hollographics colors , we're the sensation of the night, but did you saw it?. the lawyer are back!

I had a great time on the shows and also I always enjoy and love seeing old friends, meeting new people , bloggers and more.

Special thanks to @MiamiFashionweek for inviting me.

What was your favorite outfits.? What's your must have this season?

Tell me on the comments bellow.

photos by @Simonsoong

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