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Miami Miami…there is really no place like you!! Good morning to you guys

So grateful I got to attend another amazing Miami Swim Week, and now soaking in every minute this sun! I been having the best time between all the swim week shows and sneaking in a few much-needed beach days.

I'm posting this look today, this one I wear it at the Launch of Ofra cosmetics a few weeks ago.

and I got a lot of you asking for this look! so here it it's !

I'm pretty much in love with the colors and how Miami chic, is this outfit.

specially for summer this is a life savior!

Monday and here we go again, my loves! I wanted to update you with a few highlights.

First off, this gorgeous Set its by Garota … was giving me serious Miami vibes! There’s always something about silky slip sets and summer that make me feel my best! Love the colors and the silky, luscious fabric hugs your body in all the right places.

Curently loving silky, floral dresses for this summer heat!!

I paired this dress with my new Mark NY heels by MNY. What I love about these heels is that they come with a detail gold leather ankle wrap I have to be honest they are not the confíes shoes but its not bad also( just if you are not dancing all night) sending you all the good vibes this week guys!

Until next post

I have link up the set for you, so you can get it! show me your glam #stephydaily https://www.garotastore.com/collections/sets/products/violet-set

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