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Saying Hi to all of you like ..... HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I came across to this cool yoga class called you are enough and I don't think I have ever read anything about female empowerment that I related to on such a personal level with Jen pastiloff.

is a 2 hour class for women, girls and non-gender conforming and all levels that will combine flow yoga, meditation, empowerment exercises, connection and maybe, just maybe, a dance party! This will be a class to remind you that you are enough and that you are a badass girl. It's fun and empowering and you need no yoga experience, guys just be a human being, this was a soul-shifting, eye-opening, life-changing experience.

Do you ever have days where you just think “what’s the point?” You’ve been there. I know you have. Me too. Group hug anyone? So how do you lift yourself up and keep moving forward? The answer to happiness and fulfillment is to find your why!, What, How, When, Where, you ask? No. Just Why?.

I feel like today's society especially women attack each other when it comes to critics on social media, just an example the other day I was on Instagram and this blogger post a pic with (No, her boobs out) but it seems like it was out a little bit.

and immediately it was a reaction but looking into the comments what I saw was mostly women saying awful things to her like .. "now that you have boobs just post pics with them out" or ''you are a whore''... or you have to be naked and show more to get more likes..

I mean and this is just a few ..

but what caught my eye, they were all girls! .. and now I just think but she's not really showing anything more or less than if she was wearing a swimsuit!

we live in a society where we don't empower each other girls , seems to be changing when it comes to the bloggers union.. but as a female sometimes i am a shame of the things that I hear or see! like why??

why we can all live our life, and be happy for another ones ? just like we can all make it girls! 💖 we are all different and beautiful and most important unique.

But it doesn't end by just empowering ourselves but by empowering others as well. You gotta sprinkle that girl power all around you like it's a fairy dust.

"Empowered women'' Too many times do I see girls walking down the street giving each other the mean head-to-toe-side-eye!. Why do we have to make each other feel insecure when we have enough men out there doing it already? We need to put jealousy aside, because


If we all stand together as one force without tearing each other down men would have no opportunity to treat us bad. So next time you see a girl in a cute outfit, say something nice! it means so much more coming from a girl than a guy. Give that compliment or even just a smile! You'll see it'll go a long way.

why do we have the necessity to said bad things to each other?.. why to be mean and ridiculously rude with someone we don't know because we are not giving the chance to meet!

who we are to said SHE CAN'T ? ... what the hell we think we are doing?

we project so much insecurities to the others girls , that maybe.. just maybe that's how we are feeling?

-¿That is my question?

and dont get me wrong I'm not saying I am confident every time of the day, because I personally think everyone have moments of self doubt. But true confidence is the ability to pick yourself up! when you're at the bottom, look in that mirror and tell yourself: "YOU ARE A BADASS GIRL!"

​Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud guys or so the quote goes.. lol but I think it’s often easier to say or hurt somebody feelings than embrace confidence and walk into a room with your head held high! My confidence has grown massively in the past few years thanks to all the terrifying things I’ve thrown myself into. yes ..walking into rooms where I don’t know anybody on castings. It’s scary at first, but it really helps you grow. But how do you push yourself to build your confidence? It can be so easy to stay in our comfort zone, sometimes.

How Learning to love yourself? Loving yourself isn't as easy as 1,2,3 bullet points.

I think real change and perspective comes from the deep realization of how incredibly blessed we already are. Unfortunately most people don't fully appreciate the life they have until things that actually matter are taken from them (ex: sickness or death of someone close to you, loss of special people ). When something like this shakes your world, everything else that "brings you down", and even those external sources of happiness (money, social status) all suddenly seem so small and insignificant ... Because they really are!

Train your mind to see the good in every situation... and learn to flip your negative perspective to a more positive one girls

Having a negative thought? I had been struggling with this with my relationships from the past. Like I used to think why God is doing this to me? Instead of what's the purpose? Catch it when it happens and start listing off some positives about whatever situation you're in. Especially those negative thoughts about yourself! your "flaws". Next time this happens, stop yourself in that moment and divert your attention to your good qualities. What do you love? What's good in this moment? Do this every day in as many situations as you can.

Let go of what you can't control This includes your past and your "flaws" like I said Let go of the past! You've overcome so much and should be proud of yourself. However, don't let that define you or lower your self-worth. The past is over and done with. All we can do is learn from it and move on in a better and brighter direction. NO-ONE is perfect and we need to accept that! ❤️

Keep reinforcing what you DO love about yourself. This isn't always physical. Are you kind, loving, genuine? A good student, daughter, friend? I'm certain you have more than you give yourself credit for. Write all your favorite qualities down on a piece of paper. Pin it up in your room, look at it often.

Don't feel like you're alone- everyone is fighting a battle.

Most women mask insecurity very well. Most women are very good at putting up a front. Everyone struggles with loving themselves from time to time and that's OK. We're all in this together, we are ALL a work in progress. Reality is: EVERYONE is going through sh*t.

Be patient with yourself Healing and learning to love yourself takes time! ​

Happiness & confidence appears in life when your happy with your work. yourself , your family friends and others.

Hope you girls (Guys) empower each other and have confidence in yourself!

I think we can all make it.

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