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Happy Sweating!

Hello world out there!

Fun fact: I don't love to sweat, but I LOVE dancing.

For all you gym bosses out there, we have got the motivation down when hitting the gym and making healthy lifestyles changes. take these tips forward with your workouts and you’ll be sure to keep seeing results and feeling amazing inside and out.

I can say I'm the most excited when it comes to exercise (go to gym) but when I go I do work out hard and I try to have fun.

When it's time to work .. you gotta do what you have to!

Thank to the goodness in the universe my complexion it's good, so I'm not going to the gym to loss weight, I'm currently trying to eat more healthy, and be in a good shape

Lately i been more consistent with Zumba clases and doing cardio, every time that I am in bad mood, or just feeling that the world doesn't understand me that's my way to get it out 👊🏻

So my gym session look like..

Oh! I have to mentions that my Happy days are when I go to flywheelsports they are a beautiful community , challenging, and intensely fun. What a party!

⭐️5 min sprint intervals , speed walking at an incline.

I try to go to a stadium cycling class every 2 weeks or when I have some time!

⭐️A quick 5-10 flights at a time to get my heart rate up. And take around 1-2 minutes to breath. (This vary based your health guys)

(cardio is good to warm up and leave time to stretch for at least 10-15 minutes at the end.)

⭐️ And finally an 1 hour Zumba class with the best trainer ever. Rob almanza

Like I said I don't consider myself the best at this but I try to stay healthy and always making my best.

- wear something appropriate to go to the gym and please don't waste makeup!

Remember you are going to sweat, do a favor for your wallet hahah

A few tips:

*Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate your BODY loses a lot of fluid when you exercise, so it is key to keep drinking water during or after your workout.

*Change it up!There is nothing more tedious than going to the gym and doing the same thing day in day out.

(Go with a friend so it is not so intimidating)

*Plan your workout Think about what area you want to focus on that day. If you want to focus on your core, plan some exercises so you are not wasting time thinking of them at the gym.

*Get your music playlist ready! Make sure you have a playlist full of upbeat music and your favorite songs to keep you pushing forward when you are struggling!

Don’t stop, turn your music up and think how great you will feel when your hit your goals

I personally have a SPOTIFY playlist.

*Have a snack ready It is good to refuel your body within 45 minutes of exercising, this is when your body will take in protein fastest to repair your muscles and limit muscle soreness. Think in yogurt, apples, and peanut butter or a granola bar.

Thinking about carbs?! 😂

Have any of you have a routine I can try ? Am I the only one that packs snacks in their bag? Leave a comment if you’re about that protein-bar-in-your-purse life.

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