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Look back to your 2017  year like ✨

Hi guys, wow! Another year pass by my eyes and I have to said (probably every year I said this) but it went fast!

This year has been one of the hardest years, but at the same time one of the years I had learned so much, spiritually and emotionally . Setting goals it’s always something I like to do every year, and I will say I am very happy with everything that I accomplished this year.

I’ve started this blog which is a big deal for me. I found that I enjoy and love writing but always avoided sharing my thoughts publicly because, I was worried what people would think maybe it wasn't good enough or I wasn't going to be consistent or focus on it, with the new year comes.. New jobs , new friends and new love, new ways to see life, new challenges.

So it start this post by telling you down bellow you can found this worksheets that you can work on your goals , a new fresh start and NY Eve resolution!

So let’s start! The first sheet it’s for your New Years resolutions,

✨ problem - solution - action-

write the problem first , look for what could be a solution for that . (Take an action of it)

The second sheet is what you want to have more or less in your live.


More/ less

I want to eat more healthy, spend more time with my family and friends.

And finally the goal sheet this is the one you are going to write down what’s your dream job?! ✨ Any suggestions for that?

I hope this worksheets help you not only for New Years but from the whole year! Wishing you guys a happy 2018, filled with love , and light! ✨🍾

I love and appreciate each one of you and I can’t wait to work in new projects, meeting new people, and bringing you new content!

¿What's your resolutions for this new year? What do inspire you? I’d love to hear or share with me!

Leave a little sparkle ✨wherever you go, and smile it’s free haha ¡Happy New Years Guys!


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