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It's OK to not have answers, to not have your life figured out.

Hey guys so I been really really sick this week that means a lot of time in bed! 🤕

But my mind just doesn't rest at all and I had a lot of time to just wonder..

what about the stage in life that you are now?

Like I just turned 25 .. yep and I still thinking that I don't have my life figured out.

Your mid-late twenties on the other hand, is when things gets real.

Well now thinking I already skip that part when you have your kids .. I have my already! Lol

Now, it’s really about making the most of your time and becoming who you’re meant to be. You become a explorer just like a baby in this phase when they started to figure out how to walk.. but - you’re finding yourself, your life Partner, a career, financial stability, eliminating and adding the right people in your life.

time is FLYING. It’s April, didn’t we just celebrate NYE!?

There are days when I feel like a boss and nothing can stop me, and others I’m walking around in circles, stressed and overwhelmed for no reason. You know those days when you just get so in your head, and your mind is running a mill miles a minute about everything under the sun? That was me when I was in bed (yesterday)…

I was going through Pinterest looking at diff inspirational boards, because that’s just what girls do (I swear we don’t have our weddings planned out on private boards)… this it's so true! the internet is FULL of posts on what we should and shouldn’t be doing in our twenties,

I was reading a blog post after another, and another, and one in particular stood out to me: “Advice I Wish I Put Into Practice In My Twenties” I usually love these kinds of posts, I’m all about learning from the other people's prospective.

The post looked a little something like this:

Find something your passionate about and find a way to make money from it.

(ughh I’m trying so badly)

Open a savings account, save as much as you can. Get your finances in order (opened savings account, have some $$ it, but it's not easy when you have a daughter she takes half of it monthly)

TRAVEL these are your years. (I’m doing OK in that category… but I want to do more more more... and aren't I supposed to be saving?)

Stay away from sun! Protect your skin, you’ll thank yourself later on. (I’m usually good about this) Be open- minded to new relationships( we'll what kind I say about this?? ... I'm on deserve break right now.

Start a fitness routine you love! (This was one of my resolutions actually) Read more books regularly(Just started doing this! …After my breakdown with my ex I founded in books and writing something to gave me peace) have you read MILK AND HONEY yet??

Stay focused while working. (Sick this weekend! Let me check out the New Arrivals at. Revolve 😂 )

Don’t let negative comments affect you (I just feel like at this point of your life you shouldn't take any sh**t from others! Listen people is always going to have a different opinion and that's life. )

Meditate everyday, be present. Stay organized Live every day to the fullest! trust me… your twenties will be over before you know it.

Oh, we'll that was not that bad.. This is great advice and I know I should be doing all this stuff, but I don’t do it all.

Am I doing enough? Am I doing it right? Am I where I should be? Am I enjoying my youth as much as I should be?

Am I really taking advantage of my “twenties”?

Why don't I have it all figured out? Like at this point should I be marry and having another baby??

I know it sounds silly to stress about this stuff, but some days I can’t help but feel so much pressure to have my life together.

everything is moving SO fast... sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button for a sec, take a deep breath and put things back into perspective.

And that’s just what I did…

I opened up my phone I starting writing this post on my notes … but I didn't have an idea that It was going to be a post.

we could all use this reminder from time to time right?

Advice I wish I put into practice in my twenties. So guys it's OK to not have it all figured out.

Thanks to my mini breakdown ( and my hopeful cold)

Whatever age you may be, please know: you're not supposed to know everything life is meant to be stressful and confusing and surprising and amazing! …think about it? if you had all the answers and everything was peachy at all times, then life would be pretty boring wouldn’t it? Tell yourself from time to time to let go of the idea in your head of what life should be, and just accept it how it is and where you’re at right now.

Love you guys ❤️

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