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Investing stapples

It's not about the money or the brand .. but buying our first investment fashion piece, its kind of a big deal!

No matter how long it takes to get there, it means a lot to do something for you sometimes. that feeling of knowing that we got on our own. As we get older, these investment pieces become more valuable, and you’ll also notice there are pieces in your closet that you find yourself having to wear more often. AND I'm totally not saying that a low cost fashion piece is not valuable but there's quality in the price you pay.

Sometimes investing in a piece is more than worth it than buying a ton of different ones throughout your life. and I learned this with the years .. because I used to get all the fashion trendy and I didn't realize I was wasting my money in cheaper things .

So guys Ahead, are eight staple wardrobe pieces that are always worth investing in.

A statement bag

This one goes without saying. While everyone can’t have an extensive designer bag collection, we all dream of purchasing at least one for ourselves! If you think about it, a great bag can get you really far. Whether you bring it along for your next job interview or to dinner with your friends, a statement bag can work for so many different occasions.

I remember when I got my first expensive bag, I was so excited about it!

Classic black stilettos : As much as we all love statement heels girls , nothing beats a pair of classic black pumps. Not only can an investment pair last you for years, but they can also be worn with pretty much anything. From a pair of cropped jeans to a little black dress, these shoes have got you covered.

Designer Shades

Sunglasses are an absolute necessity. Whether it’s an affordable pair or an investment. We have to protect our eyes from the sun, so we might as well look good doing it. Designer sunglasses are a great investment, because not only can you find timeless styles, but shades are an easily repairable staple piece. If you’ve had your eyes on a pair (no pun intended), it’s time to snag them.

A trench coat

I know not everyone lives in a climate where coats are necessary, self-included, but hear me out. A trench coat is a great piece of outerwear to bring along with you for any important dates or trips. If you’re headed anywhere with a cooler climate, you’ll want a nice coat to get you from point A to point B. It also doesn’t hurt that these are belted and very form-flattering.

the little black dress

Another classic wardrobe piece is the LBD. We all know that black clothing is also form-flattering, and a little black dress can be dressed up or down. There’s truly nothing better than a dress that can be worn from day to night.

Good quality denim

Another piece that can be dressed up or down is a high-quality pair of jeans. Sure, we purchase a lot of jeans during our lifetime, but we all need at least one pair of really good jeans. Find a pair that complements your figure, especially your height, and go from there. Looking throughout the rest of your closet can help determine which pair of investment jeans are best for you.

A leather jacket

A leather jacket is essential for fall and winter, depending on what the weather is like around you. This staple piece will never go away and deserves to be part of your growing closet. I love throwing on a leather jacket over everything from a simple t-shirt to a silky dress. It just always works.

Go-to earrings

I know that not everyone is into jewelry, but a signature pair of earrings should definitely be on your radar. If you find a pair that you love so much that you can wear them every single day, then it’s worth the purchase. Plus, an investment pair will always be in good condition for you to wear for years.

Hope all of this tips help you in the future!

let me know in the comments bellow what's your favorite staple piece in the closet..?

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