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Your #OOTD for the holiday season!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Can you believe Thanksgiving / Christmas / NYE is already here? Lol Before we know it we will be counting down the seconds till the New Year! I love this time of year because it means more family time. ❤️ It’s so fun to see how everyone celebrates the holiday because each family does it SO differently like my family that came for all over the place this year! . Depending on traditions or who’s hosting, your celebrations could range from super casual to very glam. So if you’re wondering what to wear for all this parties -dinner, here are a few ideas and some chic outfits!

Thanksgiving is an American holiday after all, and for some, nothing feels more Thanksgiving than a football-filled day. If your family has a casual Thanksgiving day planned around cooking, watching football, early dinner and game night, then a casual outfit will do. Think comfy jeans and a cozy sweater that’ll allow you room for dessert! A cute long sleeve dress and loafers would be perfect too!

The moment you’ve been waiting for way too long– to be invited to your significant other’s parents house for Thanksgiving! Whether it’s been tradition for many years or it’s your first time meeting the family, you have to look your best. Stylish, but not too forward. Comfy, but not too casual. Dressy, but not too revealing. Go for a long sleeve midi dress and midi heels or tailored trousers, a sweater and some heeled ankle booties.

Isn’t Friendsgiving the best!? Not only is it an excuse to have an early Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s the perfect excuse to get the crew together and have a few too many drinks and eat a bit too much. Go for a comfy, but stylish outfit because you already know pictures will be taken. You can’t go wrong with a midi skirt, cozy sweater, and block heels or dressy jeans, a festive top and heeled boots!

If you’ve got fancy dinner and photo time planned with the family, you’ll have to dress your best! Go for a floral midi dress, a velvet mini dress, and tights or leather pants and a blazer or an embellished jumpsuit. For an extra festive feel, play it up with some fun accessories like a jeweled headband or crystal earrings!

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