• Stephanie Rodgers

Incredible by Victoria’s Secret!

Hello guys!

I discovered Victoria’s Secret in high school and it was love at first sight! Haha ,since mode days one of my dreams was to be working with them on the shows I had always buy and clothes and lingerie from their online store when I was back in my hometown I remenber I saved my money from lunch breaks to get just a few things.. looking back to those memories just a few days ago I had the privilege to be attending in one of the influencer parties in Miami, saw so many of my bloggers girls

and had a really INCREDIBLE TIME !

come with me to The exclusive launch of the new Incredible Bra it was held at the One Hotel penthouses and rooftop other than bloggers attendance was the 2 super models Alyssa Lynch and Angel Romee Strijd, there’s was cristal readings , little bites and desert fest!

All the Miami Influencers received goodie bags with Pj’s Set , the incredible bra and more!

At the party, we were introduced to the new Incredible Collection. The Demi - most loved perfect shape . This new collection is inspired in the everyday women, as it gives one of the smoothest look under the clothes, it’s soft and comfortable and it comes in 10 colors. ¡ If you’re a T-shirt girl, you’ll love this bra!

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