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Hey , 2018

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

You changed me.

You made me laugh and you made me cry. You made me proud and you made me scared.

You gave me superhero powers that I never knew I had. You also reminded me that even superheroes need help sometimes.

This was by far my most transformative year of my life, and it opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind to lenses I could not have envisioned before now. I said a lot of ‘thank you’s’ and ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I cannot believe it’s.’ I started to really understand my path — past and present — and how life is so full of surprises that are indeed intentional and purposeful.

Things and Decisions you can’t change that I made a decade ago started to appear in new ways this year.

All the work I did, all the jobs I held, all the “yes’s” and all the “no’s” I had received until now suddenly made sense. A lot of those prayers I had thought God left unanswered came back, with more clarity and “aha!” moments.

I fell in love with myself, with my new relationship , and with my daughter in new ways this year. My heart grew and healed after all those bad breakups.

2018 taught me I could be a mom, and a blogger/ model , friend , daughter, dreamer and so many more.. Yes, I can be all of those things, imperfectly and in complete imbalance. Because nobody is perfec! I learned how to ask for help and forgiveness, while also forgiving myself when I fell short at one of those roles. I realize that I can do everything that I always dreamed of..

I hopped that worked out what would become one of the biggest parts of my year. #StephyDaily my blog!

I worked in my lipstick line but things never go as expected.. and I drop off :(

I cried when I found out my Dad had cancer and I had to recover from it and be strong for him and my family.

I cried again when I finally allowed myself to understand the process and breath, and to take care of myself. I am only as strong as my health. ❤️

Ale and I had the first trip alone to Disney and I had the most wonderful time.

I watched my baby blow out her 10th candles. And I created her dreams birthday party wow can’t still believe it ¡The big numbers!

I traveled to New York , Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago this year!

I pumped in airports and in ubers a lot.

I fell in love all over again, in a new way, with a different lens.

I did a lot of shoots with my beba for a few campaigns for the blog.

Slime and candies became the answer to all of my parenting problems.

I said thank you! Over and over and over again for every opportunity at work, with


Thank you, 2018.

Indeed, you changed me.

2019, I am ready for the joy, the tears, and the lessons you will bring me.

Love you guys

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