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Hello ,New York City!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hello guys!!!

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of to be in the big apple 🍎 the good Things in life takes time ! I had wanted to visit the beautiful city of New York for so long . I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit and with one of my bff to celebrate her birthday, and I made my way to NYC for a few days of work and play!


After a long week and I would say kind of sad news, I was so excited to travel to New York for a weekend with my friend, just to forget everything else and have a good time with her. I stayed in Times Square / Midtown and my room was nice. . We fly very early on Wednesday, to celebrate Thursday Bday in town.

I checked into the hotel and took a little nap and ready to shoot some content for you guys! What a city!! So many beautiful views all over Manhattan I had the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life! At Joe’s in (soho) I don’t know how they cooked them but I will forever crave that pizza . Don’t be afraid of the subway in NY! I took the subway for the first time and it was safe, fast and easy! Then met up with Wild our photographer in town for the day.. and back to the hotel , we didn’t do much that day because it’s A lot of WALKING IN #NYC And by the time we finished it was late.

The city itself it’s very big so there were places we couldn’t see .. but mostly we explored in all Manhattan.

Downtown and Uptown , Queens and Brooklyn but with so much going on and so much walking around we were tired by the afternoon Haha ..

driving in New York City is chaotic, Uber’s are expensive and there’s no much parking.

Something I learn DON’T WALK EVERYWHERE !

It takes a while to get around New York, so take public transit in between neighborhoods.

Although you might think that walking is a good idea (and you can see a lot), your feet will be killing you by the end of day 1 and that was the feeling I deal with.


Girl times Square it’s beautiful, but have so much going on that you can’t really focus.

The crowds, overpriced things, and chain restaurants wasn’t the best thin.


A lot of the best parts of New York involve just walking around and soaking in the city.  A little glimpse into my favorite free activities: wondering around  Central Park, walking around the Lower East Side, doing a self-guided food tour of Flushing (one of the best neighborhoods in Queens!), and strolling around the High Line. 

Don’t feel like you need to do everything In just one visit NYC it’s so big that you will not see it.

¿Wondering what to wear for your trip to New York?

Don’t feel like you need to be a fashionista and wear comfortable shoes.  Despite its reputation, nobody cares whether you look fashionable OR cool or beyond..

You can look cool (and black is alwaysin), but go for comfy cool. Think summer dresses with white sneakers or chic comfy flats, however if you want to wear the craziest outfit you have, go for it. If anything, someone might ask you for a photo as they love your outfit!

Uniqueness is valued, so bring some fun clothes with you (or buy them ).

That said: don’t wear heels if you can’t walk for miles in them. You can always carry them in your bag if you want them for pics , but if your goal is to SEE as much as possible, I recommend a comfortable pair of sneakers rather than heels. You’ll be walking miles, even if you don’t intend to!

Day 1 way too much pizza??

The next day, was my friend‘s bday! We had breakfast in the hotel and went out to explore the downtown area .. but ended up in uptown too. we explored the city, went to central park then hit the Empire state views 😍🗽walking again to had a special Celebration lunch at Refinery rooftop

and Sunday we did it all over again, but stayed in Central Park pretty much the entire day.

Leaving the city and finished the day with home food at the airport , That about wraps up my trip to NYC!

Take a peek at some pictures from the trip and I can’t wait for another visit to NYC !

Love, Stephanie

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