• Stephanie Rodgers

Happier self ❤️

Here’s the thing every single person has their unique beauty, on the inside and out. I guarantee that YOU will always have qualities others don’t and vice versa. AND GOOD NEWS!! There’s room for all sorts of beauty! If everyone were the same, well then this world wouldn’t be very beautiful would it?

  • Instead of comparing: accept your yourself

  • Instead of questioning: BE CONFIDENT.

  • Instead of bringing girls down: lift them up I feel like everyone can make it.

As soon as you can do this, the more beautiful you’ll be… and I promise that no one on this planet can take away from your qualities and what you have to offer.

Stop questioning, Stop comparing! You’re beautiful.❤️ ​ Open yourself up to LOVE If you can’t be open and show someone who you really are, how are they supposed to connect with you? How are you supposed to move forward in any relationship? Seriously what do you have to lose? Put yourself out there, be completely vulnerable and if you get hurt… you’ll live and learn… because that's life! it’s better than living with the regret of “what if”.. Getting out of your comfort zone is a beautiful thing.

The thought of been having a single Mom absolutely TERRIFIED me. Like, think of your worst fear, (snakes for me) and then times it by ten. Slightly dramatic … but that’s where the little introvert in me was at. When I first break my relationship I was down , depressed, and I was terrified of having a child by myself, what people could say .. Or what family could think? It was a lot if question? However there was a little twinge of curiosity that wondered if I could do it, and I think that’s what ultimately pushed me to having her. Yes the comfort zone is well, comforting… but nothing great ever happens there. Step out of it from time to time and don’t be afraid of failing … I had been in the floor a few times already but I still believe in love! you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of. But I couldn’t be more appreciative of the entire experience… and it all started outside of my comfort zone, it was hard by times but it was all worth it. I’m not encouraging you to having a baby! but I do hope this inspires some of you to take that leap of faith the next time on an opportunity comes around when you're in love. Continue to challenge yourself in every way, and good things will start opening up in your life! I have this little phrase that just make my mind be in a better place when everything was down. "In the waves of change we find our true direction"?

Wow, What the hell just happened!? And he jump in my way , I have no regrets to be with him now! I love him ❤️ but I know this was all meant to be on the way it did. It’ll all make sense with time… believe me! but for now Just keep smiling.

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