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Gumiidotshop Naturals Skincare

I actually just wanted to bring you all here to announce some special news... not really.

Hi Guys I'm so happy to review this products I got them like 3 weeks ago. So if you know anything about me, you know I try my best to eat good, organic meals not often but I try to make it possible. Not only am I cautious as to what I put in my body, but also what I put ON it. Specially on my FACE Lotions, makeup, masks, shampoos…etc. this all gets absorbed into your blood stream as well, so lets pick the right products.!

#Tips I'm the kind of girl that don't put 101 different face masks/serums, in my face but I like to give opportunity to a products that caught my eye. and I’ve finally found a few I’m in love with and I had to share with you! ❤️The Mask By gumiidotshop are natural as you can see from the photos they're brand it's Asian ALL NATURAL/HANDMADE. Also made in the wonderful USA

Check it out

  • NO synthetic fragrances

  • NO Phthalates

  • NO harsh sulfates

  • NO parabens

  • NO animal testing

And no nasty-ass chemicals.

Now that we've established that the ingredients are legit, let's talk about how it works.

​The mask includes different types of clay, such as Moroccan, Sea, & Rose Clay, there's different types of mask for different skin. 30 second beauty lesson:

Oily/ acne combination It's mediheal line friends the Duck mask. 🐥 3 steps ultra moisture mask (the pink one) this one it's for the perfect makeup application, help you to stay hydrate. your skin will feel amazing! (My fav) KAO flower steam for your eyes! The hottes eye mask in Asia super easy to use, relieve stress by the daily activities like (computer use, not much sleep) they also have different aroma's: lavender, chamomile and fresh rose. last one but not less important the Premium puresa golden jelly.

Collagen it's the most important form of protein in our body but as we age we lose it.. :( and here's where our mask goes in action, the golden mask contains hydrolized collagen, trehalose, glutamic acid , lysine proline, lavender oil, and allantoin. (Anti- irritant) this jelly mask supply the nutrition of the skin. I've been using the mask twice a week the past couple weeks, and my skin has been GLOWING. ✨ The results without any make up guys 🙂

Head over to Gumiidotshop to see all the products I use, and lots of other goodies! I know you'll love this skincare line as much I love it here's a little gift ❤️ USE MY CODE : #SRGumii and receive 10% off your first order.

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without and why? Share your suggestions in the comment box below!​

​Love, Stephy

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