• Stephanie Rodgers

Gingham everywhere

Hi, guys! I been noticing the new pattern trend. Seriously every store that you walk in has a piece of this style.

Most recent I went to Zara one of my favorite places and it was

Gingham crop tops , skirts , swimsuits, dresses, and rompers.

They are everywhere!!

I like it don't get me wrong, I think if you can match a solid with a pattern they are going to look good.

But this is like a old trends are taking the 21 Now days, I remember when I was 4 had a gingham dress) lol .. not really remember but I saw the photo.

So I look out for a few places where all you can see it's this trend.

If you haven't got your print summer piece yet, here's a roundup for you.

And that's all guys, officially a gingham girl.!

STYLE IT: with a rounded rattan bag $138.00.

Shoes Dolce vita by Revolve

Photos by: Claudia Gomez

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