• Stephanie Rodgers

Festival Vibes

Hi, guys! Festival season it's here!!! And this girl right here, Its very excited because... 🥁 (drum roll)

I partner up with a cool brand for the year! Wohooo,

But what’s Coachella?

Coachella conjures up open bar parties, people watching, dancing all night and even live music. and just let's talk about all the Artist that perform and the most styles bloggers attends as well.

I’ve always been all about the music, parties and pools. Like in my country we grow up dancing.. So you have no idea how much excited I am at this moment.

So I brought you a few ideas for your BFF and you! ¿Ready for the fun? 🤸🏼‍♂️🌸

Oh! and I almost forgot to tell you about TARTE best makeup festival ready you can use, and It's all mermaid approve!

this is the time where you can explode the artist you have inside, and play around with colors and a lot of glitter, and makeup.

But are you here for the details of the festival weekend or to see what I wore? Lol! Click here to see all the pieces I wore over the weekend and see below how we styled them.

I'll let you know how how fun it was, but until then - Cheers!


Festive Beauty Finds (from left to right)

Photos by: Claudia Gomez

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