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Fall needs

We officially are in Fall just like a blink .. and I have to tell you that I'm not mad about it to bring you a long with me with the latest trends they are having this season to stand up.

All of a sudden it has dipped to colder weather.. It seems as if we jumped from Summer to Winter!

Where did the summer weather go? I have no clue but I’m already prepared for the cold temperatures. let's be honest in Miami is always summer but lately its been a lot of rain!

Fall and winter clothes are some of my favorite outfits to style around the year. The cozy textures, chic boots and layers are some of my favorite trends to incorporate into my wardrobe. But deep down inside I’m a Colombian girl so even though I like to dress for the seasonal outdoors I love summer.

If You’ve seen my style lately I'm obsessed with boots with everything dresses, shorts, skirts it just

makes a statement on its own and is ideal for fashion and functions.

They make dressing for the weather look chic and timeless.

so here are 3 boots you need in your wardrobe this fall!

Over the knee in black Croc or different textures.

This upcoming season, you can expect to see a large resurgence in boots. The good news is, they’re incredibly easy to style. Whether you opt for a bootie or a knee-high version, you can style them as any other boot. I’m loving the look with a full-on slouchy look – think relaxed pieces like an oversized tee and jacket.

The cow boy trend is here to stay!

When it comes to shoes, cowboy boots might not be as controversial as Crocs – but they are definitely up there. Just like the latter, cowboy boots can prove quite tricky to style – but nothing is impossible – and, as fashion keeps looking back to the '90s and early '00s for inspiration, it only makes sense that celebs, designers, and influencers would bring cowboy boots back.

trying to styling with more seasonal appropriate garments – think like midi dresses, athletic shorts, and why not with denims.

LAST but not least ..

IS THAT A COW? ... HAHA no! its another trend to stand up

Animal prints

we have seen snake prints, croc prints all over but some people out there are getting creative and now we have cow prints and lost of mixes in our boots.

what do you think? would you wear those??

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