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Easy beach hair waves 🌸

Something that you may not know about me it's that I do my own hair, and makeup.

When I used to live in Colombia, years ago My cousin always did my hair for me. So I never really had to learn… Now as an adult I can go get blow outs, with my favorite hairstyle or if I’m lucky again, have my cousin help me out. Lol

Well, I’m a grown up now and it’s time to learn, or at least you guys try! So I asked Billy (my hairstylist ) to share her tricks with me and teach me how to achieve the best beachy hair waves. 🌸 Now, my hair is naturally wavy which is great!

Here are 4 easy steps to getting the best beachy hair waves PS, I did my own hair using these tips this past weekend… I’m not gonna say I'm an expert yet but it looked pretty good!

Baby steps:

(Spray a heat protectant on your hair prior to using any hot tools on your hair!) You can section your hair however you would like, pining some hair up and away while you work from the nape of your neck up, or you can just pull hair from the back and work your way to the front.

To begin, prep your 'do with whatever product gives you the most pliable hold once dry (she like mousse for fine to medium hair and styling cream for medium to textured hair). Those with fine to medium hair should rough-dry their locks (flip wet hair over and blast with a dryer sans brush) for volume; those with medium to thick and textured locks should start with a fresh or day-two blowout. Have curly hair? Don't stress about getting it super-straight — focus on loosening your curls until they become wavy — the iron will do the rest.

Begin by dividing your hair into three horizontal sections: the bottom, middle, and crown. Those with very thick hair can opt for an additional section if needed. You'll be working on them one by one in the above order, which will allow you to get a less uniform, and therefore more beachy, feeling, Capri says. (You'll understand why shortly.)

Release the section, and while it's still hot, gently pull on the ends. "Hair is like wax; you heat it up and you can mold it into whatever shape you want," Capri explains. "How it cools is how it will stay." Pulling the curl at this moment will turn it into a wave.

Once the bottom section is done, layer in a texturizing spray and keep your hands off while the hair cools and the product sets. Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray (seen here) is great for fine- to medium-weight locks, while the brand's Après Beach is better for dry, thick, curly, or textured hair because the formula comes with a hit of oil.

There's a trick to the front that will make or break the entire look: Carefully smooth the iron down the front section, going away from the face, and pause for the curl parallel with the top of your cheekbone. This creates a bend that sits lower, so it not only ensures the style looks effortless, but is universally flattering. Cheekbones pop, it frames the eyes — you get it.

Massage the roots with your fingers until all the product is absorbed. This also creates lift and a mussed-up look.

Those are the products I usually use, especially the Amaro hair spray. You guys are going to love it if you try it! Pd: all the products you can shop it at sephora, or in the IGK Salons.

And you're done! Do a few hair flips, and you are ready to go. 😘

Last but not least, I get my hair done at #IGKMiami! If you visit , let them know I said Hi!

What are some of your favorite products?

Have you tried any of the ones I use?! Let me know!!

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