• Stephanie Rodgers

Dear ALE

I remember how scared I was all night before you even started to make signs it was time to meet the world. And this afternoon the world seemed to stop the moment I meet you. I was holding the most beautiful baby girl I could’ve ask for.

Oh, but of course. This magical story started 10 years ago today …

And this is what that little girl looks like today!

With each word I write the screen becomes more blurry. I’m trying to hold back the tears, but I’m starting to think this post will have me emotional.

Where should I started.? You came into my life to show me how to be a strong woman, to teach me to slow down, to teach me how to cook, and to be patient with others.

I’ve been seeing magic for the past 10 years wow! You are such a big girl now. She was growing right before my eyes.

I remember when I had my bump 🤰🏼💕 all I did every night was imagined the fun and enchanting life we were going to have together, I feeled so overwhelming every time you moved and kicked me just like saying “hey I’m here” we will be fine!

When I was totally terrified of the idea to have a child and not being a good mom, or not having a husband and being alone “ But think about it.. ?? How do you even prepare to be a parent a such an early age? It’s scary!

Wow, I’m getting sentimental now!

When I was 5 months pregnant I used to have a diary and I wrote down something for her.

I can’t believe, there’s someone inside me right now. I am 5 months pregnant today!! I can’t help but think about you every second of the day. I wonder if you look like me or him?. Alejandra Sophia , I promise to begin an end your days with telling you how important you are, I promise to work hard for you so you will enjoy life, I promise to make all your birthdays special! 💖 I promise to be your biggest fan and support you, I promise to tell you how beautiful you are and to not let superficial things affect how you feel about yourself.

You won’t ever give up because you’ll be reminded what a strong girl you are, and I’ll teach you how to be an independent girl, smart and strong and that anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself. We love you and can’t wait for your arrival Just a few months away, but most importantly I promise you that your mom and daddy will always be there for you. “ no matter how big the problem is between us, and if he’s not there I promise I will be your Dad and mother at the same time.

And one day when you are old enough, you’ll come across this post. ❤️(And many more which you are going to read) haha but this one is okay, I approve 👌🏼 I want you to know that your first 10 years shaped me into the woman I am today.

Because I needed your existence. I’ve been growing with you.

I love you so much my big girl!

¡Happy Birthday!

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