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Dating now days .. apps dating and more

know I said the.. word 🙈, you know what I mean right? but it had to be done! Dating isn't what it used to be, a few years ago.. but it’s always good to hear somebody’s else opinion and who knows maybe some tips for navigating the game of love in 2017 I mean almost 2018, can you believe how fast it went by?!

I was recently watching this interview and I thought a lot this is what most of the people deal with at “dating” .

“The best thing you could do this upcoming Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers, just pull out your cell phone in front of them and turn it off... not on vibrate.. off! ”

said Dr. Hellen fisher

This one's for you! So... p.s. if you're short of time and can’t watch it keep reading 😏- this year, my goal was to initiate more conversations with guys instead of waiting on them, to talk to me it may sound weird but yeah I wait too (lol) ...

For those of you that nerd out about love like me, wanted to share a highlight reel of some of the juiciest findings from the study... you never know, they might just help you find your match.

Check out the interview that Caila queen , and Dr. Hellen in this link.


4 min into chat

46.5% of Millennial Men admit to sending one 🙈 40% of those men sent one without being asked 90% of women say they have no interest in receiving one I was SHOCKED to hear the first statistic - just feels like such a high number, right? In the chat Helen mentioned the reason men send them is in hopes of receiving a pic in return, but... I think those men will be waiting a longgg time.


9 min 30 sec into chat

87% of singles say caring for you when you're sick is an important indicator of a meaningful relationship Millennial men are 24% more likely than women to say finding a relationship was a top priority for them - great add by Dr. Fisher! Millennial men are looking for those significant moments 💕 We all have that moment where we ask ourselves... Is this even going anywhere? or what are we? Indicators of a meaningful relationship can be breadcrumbs to ease our heart from asking those questions too soon.

An introduction to someone important to you & planning a trip can be big steps for some people , but Stassi mentioned saying "I love you" is a meaningful moment to every woman ... we’ll we are all different.

¿What is an important indicator to you? Would love to hear in the comment section guys!


14 min into chat

57% of singles are upset if you read the occasional text during a date - Love that Stassi affirms with an, "I would NEVER!" 41% of singles think it is rude if you take your phone with you to the bathroom or outside 45% of singles would consider it a turn on if you visibly turn your phone off during a date.

-What are signs from a man that a relationship has potential?

"That he calls, remembers what you talked about last night, shows up on time, well dressed... it's simple but not easy" -

-Do you think dating apps have made dating worse?

"I would say yes, absolutely yes. There's so many things that I didn't realize. Now that it's 2017, I'm like wait... there's Instagram where you have to focus on if someone likes your photos or likes your Facebook and likes this and if they stop liking it or look at your snapchat. I'm like, 'what the f*ck - this is way too confusing.' When I go on a date with someone and I look who they are following and if it's a bunch of porn stars... I think, 'you're a wierdo.' It all just takes up too much of my time."

Well guys, this is a great interview you must have to watch specially for the girls! It’s good to know where you at” after a few dates.. but myself when I go on dates I like it to be natural, just being yourself it’s a great way to show the guy who you are, And be open to new things! but those coffee dates are always a good idea. ☺️

Most important girls, I hope you know you deserve it all, the most honest , beautiful, and purest love in the world. Not only to be loved by others but yourself, you deserve the nicest and caring people to walk into your life, Enjoy the dates, and let’s see what the future holds! Thank you so much for check out the blog I really appreciate ❤️ and don’t forget to check out the #SinglesInAmerica chat with Match & Mevo - to learn more go to SinglesInAmerica.com.

Photos by: Arturo Paulino

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