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Hello guys! A new year it’s here!!!!!

and wish I can say it’s nice out but no.. I don’t recognize Miami at all. It’s been cold just like New York! ok no, like that but omg January it’s supposed to be nice and warm out didn’t the weather got that memo yet?

Anyways being in the cold weather doesn’t have to mean wear boring clothes, and I am here to show you what’s in trending for the cold but Hot weather in miami!

Let’s talk about this boots which I am completely obsessed about it, I got it from a store in Chicago, and since them it’s my go to for every outfit this cold season.

I don’t know why .. but I feel powerful when I wear those, I love when in a outfit you can experiment differents garments , and colors and you are not in the confort zone.

Another great piece it’s the “famous” Bomber jacket, and I said famous because back in the days.. this was a hit! Originally created for military pilots, but eventually it became part of the culture and apparel. Interesting right?! Now it has evolved into a various styles and silhouettes.

And just to put the sexappeal in this outfit there’s the little black skirt, that never goes wrong with a good high boots.

And now you are ready to conquer the world with your shoes 😂😂😂

Tell me in the comments .. Are you into the cold but hot outfits trend?

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