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Updated: Jan 16, 2019


Happy Sunday!  

Hi Loves! Hope you all had a great week - knd so far!. I’m excited to answer some questions this week – you guys send in the best questions on Instagram!  I get a lot about being a mom and the fashion, / model life so I made sure to include some of those below.

How pretty are these boots!?

-Favorite TV shows right now? I am obsess with YOU .. All I can say is was so good! (This is an adult show so if you’re a younger reader I would stay away.

- How do you stay so thin? Because of my genetics I am naturally thin but if I’m not working out or  I workout to stay toned and because I love the way it makes me feel. It give me more energy for sure and helps with stress.

-How do you detox after holidays?

Since holiday season its over! I know we all have the busy travel period. A lot of us either head back to our hometowns to spend time with our families or hop on a plane for a holiday vacation!. In either scenario.. I swear detoxing reset both my mind and body after traveling, or just staying at the beach for a few days and since that, it’s really helped me, plus always stay Hydrate.

-What are your favorite makeup products these days? My favorite.. I been recently trying Becca's Foundation and I love it. right now Naked pallete its one and Dose of colors – its so pretty! Other products I am loving lately are: this Too faced bronzer and, this Mascara. (Better than sexx), and Milk brow pencil.

**And good news!! Sephora is having their Beauty Insider sale right now…everything is 15% off through Monday!

-What happens to all the clothes you model. Do you keep them? Are they loaned? 98% are either gifted or I buy them, on a rare occasion, A majority of the clothes are mine and the clothes I don’t keep I give to my friends and family. I donate a lot to charity and I give a lot to my family’s in Colombia where they donate to foster kids that don’t have clothes.

-Your favorite wardrobe staples?

Where i am witch happens to be Miami its always .. well most of the time warm! so I don't get to enjoy fall & winter, much. but when it gets really cold I love to explore my options

been honest I am in sweats and comfy clothes a lot during the week if i am home.. I recently got this new set of hoodie and comfy pants and love to put it with a jacket if I want to make the look more casual for going out. .

I think its worth investing in a nice handbag but that's always relative to your budget, don’t make yourself go broke over it! Lol Pick something that is timeless – pick something that is a neutral color. Buy one bag that is nicer that can work with multiple outfits instead of 5 cheaper ones. My favorite designer bag is a Black Chanel. this one

I found this boots when I went to Chicago! suede booties A couple of you actually emailed me asking for it and it was so sweet! I have had them on repeat this week because its been cold!

And lastly, a comfy pair of distressed jeans will always be one of my wardrobe staples. The pair I definitely wear the most and am most asked about are from Revolve.

10. How did you feel about becoming a mom? I have a complete blog post talking about this ..

my parents got divorced when I was little . and I grew up with a loving Dad since my mom was not there all the time when I had Ale I was 17 Thank to God I have such a supportive and loving family and It was not that difficult.

I’m not saying it isn’t hard, with any situation there are always hard emotions you have to navigate through. But the idea of being a mom was never hard for me! and Since she's here now she has become my entire universe.

- How tall are you?

I’m 5’7” and …I like to claim 5’8”

Thanks for sending such great questions and following along.  Love you all!

love, Stephy

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