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  • Stephanie Rodgers

Caribbean Paradise 🦋

Welcome to the never ending summer island of "ST.Marten". is the second home of my ex-boyfriend which means that all the spots we are showing you in this post are "LOCAL VERIFIED". There is no words to describe st. Mar-teen's beauty and amazing views , you have to go and see it for yourself.

Incredibly I past the most unforgettable weekend in this beautiful island.

Is there a very special person in your life whom you would love to share an unforgettable trip with? If your answer is yes, you have to travel to the unbelievably beautiful, unique place the french island of “st. marten”. Him and I liked to travel to st. marten as much as we could because its only a 2,5 hrs flight from Miami, the food is delicious and the people are super nice and friendly. In two hours you are in a completely different world.

First of all, I couldn’t have a better company to go to this beautiful island than him, I feel like st. marten is such a romantic place and it should be visited by all the couples who are in love.

this place has long been a favorite among travelers, It's like a little Cartagena for me. thanks to the quiet beauty of the landscape, its fascinating history and the clear crystal water. You can hang out all day on a boat doing water sports and having fun with your friends, enjoying the best sea food and eating in authentic french restaurants cuisine After spending a couple of days with him, here we went to our next destination Anguilla.

In the second part of our trip we took a boat from the port of st.marten to Anguilla to his House, there is summer paradise. is perfect for people who love the beach, and is quiet, and low key to stay at, not a lot of luxury hotels and restaurants. This popular beach town is more like a honey moon style. I always like to read travel blogs and do my research before I travel to destinations since I like to visit the most trendy and hidden spots. but this one was a surprise for me so I couldn't do it. If you are planning to visit you have to visit a couple of my favorite spots, find all the details and pictures below. Little bay is my favorite place of all because besides its breathtaking beauty its also quiet and romantic.

For dinner we always had a great meal in different restaurants ,we ate a delicious homemade plates accompanied with white wine always, the atmosphere was very low key. we spend a few days in his house and went to the beach, I had a little situation so we didn't have much time to spend out in Anguilla.

St. Marteen it's more popular, it's the place where you can found almost everything in the islands , the people from Anguilla come here often if they want to party, or just have a little time of fun, there's so many things to do here

one of my favorites was the Butterfly farm, and the Lotery farm. you can also go to Maho beach, Great bay beach, Little Bay Beach, Happy Bay Beach and more there are 35 beaches in the whole place! The Fort. Louis remains of an 18th-century French military fort on an oceanfront hill with amazing views and It's close to downtown the grand Case, the 'Culinary Capital of the Caribbean'. The 'Dutch' side adopted a more Amercian Lifestyle. It's great to find all cultures in one place, we stayed in so many different places the best ones I would recommend L'Esplanade, Love, La samanna, Shambala. a charming and peaceful hotels, best of all close to all the restaurant in Grand case. Except for (La Samanna that's not in grand case) you can find everything for every vibe! I love it here.

Best of the whole Trip The sunset watching what a view, and specially that Day it was surreal how I was feeling.

Did I mention that sunset's at Love bar is magical?

I hope you enjoyed this post because I love it sharing it with you guys.

Have you ever been here? , what's your fav spots? Comments below

Love, Stephy

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