• Stephanie Rodgers

¡Budlight getaway!

Hello guys! It’s been fun out here and I honestly can say how great of a past weekend I had with #Budlight !

Have you ever received more than what you expected out of a mini -vacation? this past weekend , thanks to #BUDLIGHT I was lucky enough to be invited aboard with anothers Miami Bloggers and friends in total 35 Influencers , lifestyle, fashion , beauty beauty and travel. experienced the ship and different islands.. different activities even a concert and I wanted to share my trip with you.

I honestly did not know what to expect just it was going to be fun because I had the opportunity to bring alone with me a true beauty! fashion blogger “Cosmo” other than a Fashion enthusiastic a friend. From enjoying budlight new beer flavors to cocktails in dinning at elegant restaurants to enjoying the beach at the beautiful bahamas you don’t wanted to miss that.

The excitement continued outside of the ship on some private island first stop, key west where we had the opportunity to experience the beginning of the ultimate thrill seeking island. featuring Jake Owen concert to a funny games on the stadium park.

Our second stop was on the most IG paradise I have ever seen! really is a true 💎

first time on this place and it was all you ever wanted.

@StephyRodgers @Adryalysss /@Danidiqued @stephaniecosmopolitan / @carlanunez_

And ending our days in a beautiful beach In the mean time, we relaxed in cabanas, sipped on budlights , music and all the fun!

relaxed under the sun and in the clearest waters you can imagine.

Thank you #BudBudlight for this amazing time.

I’ll leave all the girls handle so you can follow her content too. 💖

Cheer up with a budlight 🍻

Love, Stephanie

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