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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Happy week guys! Is it me or is May already flying by? I know it just started but I feel like it’s already almost over. I have a feeling that that is how the whole summer is going to feel, like You know the saying, time flies when you’re having fun (or rather, busy!) This weekend was a really special one, had a bit of time to catch up on life. let me tell you that I organized this brunch in less than 2 weeks so I’ll just call it a success! last year this time I celebrated Aleja’s Bday with a Big party! I did not wanted to do something big for her, but at the same time I didn’t want it to just pass by .. because life should be celebrate Every year right?

I don’t know why but all the good ideas in my head just happen at night! Lol .. well I had this crazy vision of what I wanted a brunch girls to be like .. and I create it, and honestly I am so proud of myself, but if you don’t believe me see it yourself.

Let’s talk about the theme , since 11 years it’s a Age where you are not anymore a baby .. had to look for something that wasn’t too (kids) and just right for her age.. (Donuts 🍩) keep sounding in my head for the whole week. but at the first place I had this other idea of a fairytale , rainbows girly theme but well at the end didn’t work out.

this weeks I went To party city like a million times.. not joking ! I think now the old guy at the register and I are friends ..

After all the ups and downs to look for the perfect birthday theme , I decided to trust my inner Stephy and go for it! I look over thousands websites, order a few things online I found others at target, party city.

- the cake- we decided to do Cupcakes instead of a big cake That thought it would look better and be more convenient than an actual Cake. This amazing cupcakes I order from Tantay She’s a local mom who is starting her business from scratch just like all the delicious things she make. So if you want a cake or anything in regards bakery shes the best! Also tell her I send you 😘

- The restaurant After overthiking the places I had 3 on mind but VERDE (Green) was the first option for the theme that I wanted to go with, a big spacious , beautiful views, nice ambience and light but tasty food. This place it’s great scenery for birthday, special days or just for a nice brunch, since next door it’s a kid’s museum ¡ how cool ! It was The perfect place!

-The decoration I did everything myself, (pretty good job) haha it’s like have you dream With something and you just know no one it’s gonna do it the way you wanted but You ! so i will give you a Tip - check Pinterest for months and you’ll be an expert! Now it’s that true that you do what ever it takes for making your son/ daughter happy?!

But from all the previous comments, the most important part for me was that she was happy and enjoyed her time with friends and family!

And I hope when your big enough to read and understand this blog , you can see how important and lovely you are in our life!

¡Happy birthday my beautiful girl!

Thank you always for all your support.

Love , Stephy

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